My NYC Bedroom Tour

I have been officially living in New York City for 2 1/2 years, and it’s starting to feel like home. I lived in my first apartment for two years (remember the little shoebox of a room? See it here!), and I moved into my second apartment at the end of summer. It took a few months to finish decorating, organizing and getting settled. I felt like I was buying everything new since my old room was so small, and I used cardboard boxes as shelving and storage (I’m not even kidding). I love my new space. I have a much larger bedroom, my own bathroom and two closets. Even though I’m still busting at the seams with clothing and blog stuff, I love that I have a little office nook area for a desk, I have a clothing rack and one of my closets is designated for my accessories. It’s my little New York dream!

Since I moved to New York, my interior aesthetic has been pretty much the same. I like everything to be black and white, with small pops of turquoise, red and pink. I hoard fashion coffee table books (most of which are displayed in my living room) and I have a thing for fuzzy pillows, stripes and metallic accents. I put up my removable wallpaper, installed the shelving and built all of my furniture by myself. I’m really happy with how everything turned out!

Below I have linked to all of my current product, everything from the wallpaper I used in my office nook, to my lucky elephant piggy bank. I hope you enjoy seeing my new space, and stay tuned this week to see a more in-depth view of my closets and how I organize everything, and my bathroom! xo




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