My NYC Bathroom Tour

Welcome to my bathroom! I hope you all enjoyed my bedroom tour yesterday (you can see it all here!) Today I’m sharing my little bathroom! In my first apartment, I shared one bathroom with my two other roommates. I now my have my own bathroom attached to my bedroom, and it’s been so nice to have additional space to store all of my beauty products, drawers of lipstick and hair product!

I installed four floating shelves (from Home Depot) behind my door and bought mini storage bins (from Bed Bed & Beyond) to organize beauty products. Below the shelves is a metal shower caddy where I store all my hair tools and products. It’s easy to grab since I normally do my hair at my desk. Since I have a pedestal sink, it doesn’t offer much storage space besides a medicine cabinet. In the cabinet I have my daily beauty products like face wash, lotions, serums and my toothbrush. Below my sink I found a super slim laundry basket (from Bed Bath & Beyond) and a mini metal organizer where I can keep lotions, mouth wash, my steamer and hand mirror. I tried to make the most use out of everything and build vertical storage with the shelves.





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