How to Organize a Small NYC Closet

I have a confession. I own a lot of things. You’re probably not surprised if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t—you totally should) because each week I do a giant mail haul where I showcase everything I received in the mail that week from brands. I get product from press previews as a fashion editor, I keep spare styling items for model photo shoots and I also am lucky enough to work with so many great brands through Simply Audree Kate. Also, every month I donate unused clothing or beauty items to a local women’s shelter. But with all of this, I constantly feel like my closets are overflowing, my room is a mess and I am not organized. New York is notorious for small living spaces and non-existent closet space, so I was creative with how I organized my things.

I get a lot of questions from friends and readers about how I store all of my things, so today I am going to break it all down for you. I’m going to talking about my clothing closet, accessory closet, under the bed storage (the best hidden storage for shoes or off-season clothing!) and more hidden hacks on how I optimized my small space! xo


I don’t even think that this picture accurately represents how much clothing is stuffed into this closet. At the top shelf I folded my blazers, denim jacket and extra utility/bombers jackets. I hung all my dresses, kimonos and leather jackets, and folded everything else. Below the pole I put in a metal kitchen butcher rack from my old apartment. I knew this would be sturdy enough to pack with clothing (unlike my cardboard or plastic boxes from last apartment) and the rack fit perfectly. I folded t-shirts, blouses, skirts, jumpsuits, and trouser pants. On the back of the door I hung a plastic shoe organizer and rolled all of my jeans. This was the most compact option to store my jeans inside of my closet, plus it creates a super easy, and pretty visual!


This clothing rack is my saving grace! I hang a majority of my winter coats here (the rest are in our hall closet), jackets I regularly wear or items I need to photograph for SAK. Below are two large acrylic jewelry cases for my rings, earrings, short necklaces and watches. On top of the cases, I normally have my current purse, or two foldable bins I toss all my new SAK product in—including things I get in the mail that week, sponsored items I need to photograph or extra beauty products. To the right of the cases and bins are shoe boxes of new shoes or my high-end shoes that need to be protected. I also leave out some of my boots that I regularly wear. 


Welcome to my favorite part of my bedroom, my accessory closet! This is technically a linen closet outside of my bathroom with a folding door, but it was perfect for me to store my accessories. There were originally only two shelves in the closet so I took one of them out and put in a bookcase I had in my old bedroom! It fit perfectly in the space and I categorized my bags. The top shelf has large totes and backpacks, then small bags, belts and fanny packs, and so on. On the right side I have all of my small belts, and on the left all of my necklaces. I utilized the sides of the closet walls as well to hang belts and necklaces (not pictured.) On the ground I have three large white boxes with all of my cuffs! It’s pretty cramped but I love having everything in one go-to space. 


Behind my door I have a hanging mirror from my old apartment and all of my oversized and vintage belts. They’re pretty heavy, so I wanted to hang them on the door for extra support. At the end of my bed I have a storage ottoman where I keep all of my scarves and hats. Below the ottoman I have four large glasses organizers to store all of my prescription glasses and sunnies! Lastly, I bought under the bed storage bins for all my shoes. I have 10 bins to hold all of my shoes and then one large suitcase to store off-season clothing!




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