Friday Favorites: Maximalist Accessories

Happy Friday everyone! This past week has been absolutely amazing. Italy has been treating me very well, thanks for asking! For today’s Friday Favorites I am sharing my favorite maximalist accessories. You all know by now that when I accessorize I go all out! I always have at least three things of jewelry on my body at all times. My three staples are rings, necklaces, and earrings. However, I don’t just wear one of each, I like to stack my accessories. I mix colors, sizes, and shapes to add interest to my accessory game! Along with jewelry I’ll add belts to up my maximalist style.

If you have any favorite maximalist accessories, comment them below! I’d love to hear from you. As always, enjoy! xo


When trying to go for maximum style, I usually go for big a statement earring. Along with big I like to go for bold colors.


As a maximalist I love mixing and stacking my necklaces. I usually try to pair a bold necklace with a couple dainty ones. Below you’ll see five of my favorite statement necklaces!


An easy maximalist accessory is a big cuff. I suggest if this is a new trend that you’re trying to start here! Cuffs are easy to stack and mix, you can’t screw up a good cuff!



Skinny belts are out and big bold belts are in! As you can tell by my belt game, I love the bigger belts. They add a whole new dynamic to your look!


Ring stacking is one of my all time favorite maximalist trends. Through out the years I have collected rings big and small. If you ever look really close at my hands you can see at least five rings on each hand.


Looking for a new way to up the accessory game and head into maximalist territory? Try a brooch! Brooches are a fun and unique accessory that add a new dynamic to your accessories drawer.








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