How to Beat the Winter Blues

TGIF everyone! It’s currently snowing here in NYC and a super gloomy day. Even though it feels like it should already be spring since it’s March, today I am focusing on how to beat those winter blues until the sun is officially out to stay. This transitional time is always a little tough—the winter weather is still in full blast, the new year may be rougher than expected, and after all the holiday excitement you may be itching for something new to look forward to.

I know in the past that the winter blues have hit me hard, but I found 10 of my favorite tips to combat them. Combating the winter blues can be easily done by changing some of your lifestyle choices. Keep reading below for my 10 tips to beat the winter blues! Enjoy, and remember to keep your chin up! xo

1. Keep Active/Exercise

During winter it’s so easy to want to stay in bed and not do anything. In reality that is incredibly unhealthy and can have a negative effect on your mental health. At this point everyone knows that when you workout endorphins are released which can boost your mood. It’s been scientifically proven that walking an hour a day can improve your mood and health. If you want something more than a walk, look into a gym membership. A gym is a great way to find motivation.

2. Eat Smarter

Winter is the time when people put on the most weight and this can really hurt them emotionally. An easy solution to this is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Instead of reaching for instant ramen, make grilled chicken with a side of veggies. Eating a healthy diet will ultimately help boost your mood, keep you energized, and will also help you lose that extra winter weight. I always turn to Google to find delicious and nutritious recipes that I love!

3. Get Outside

I’m guilty of it and I’m sure you are too, during the winter it is so easy to stay inside all day. Although, this is a great way to stay warm and cozy it’s not good for your mental health. Going outside and getting some Vitamin D can significantly improve your mood and also refocus your mind. I always try to go outside at least once a day. Whether it’s walking to the grocery store, going on a coffee run, or even scoping out cute dogs I make it a point to leave the building once a day.

4. Make Your Environment Brighter

Why sit in the dark all day when you can open up those blinds? I know I have sat in the dark all day just working on stuff in my room, and I noticed that my mood was effected by it. Opening up your blinds, sitting by a window or even adding an artificial light to your apartment can be easy ways to make your environment brighter. If you want more of a makeover then switch out dark pieces for lighter ones or paint your walls a nice light and neutral color.

5. See Your Friends & Family

Seeing the people you love can be an easy mood boost on your worst days. I know it’s easier to isolate yourself, but don’t! Your friends and family know you well enough to know exactly what you need. I know whenever I have a hard day, I call up either my parents or my sister, they always know what to say to make me feel a little less blue!

6. Plan a Vacation

After the holidays for us adults, there’s not much more to look forward to. My solution? Create your own excitement by planning a vacation! Getting away for a week or even just a weekend can help you shake off those blues! I would suggest choosing somewhere warmer than where you’re located.

7. Do What You Enjoy

One of the many problems with society today is that we don’t make time for ourselves to enjoy the things we love. What do you love to do? If you could fill a day with all of your favorite activities what would you do? Now go out and do those things! We all know that we’re happier doing the things we enjoy, so make sure you’re doing them. Especially during the winter season make sure you’re creating time for the things that you want to be doing!

8. Turn on Your Favorite Tunes

This may sound a little strange but listening to your favorite music will help your mood! Throw on your absolute favorite feel good songs and jam out, I promise you will feel like a total badass after. Dance and sing along like no one’s watching, this is a great and fun way to shake away those blues!

9. Stick to a Schedule

If you feel like you don’t have a grip on your life you can slip into the blues. An easy solution is to stick to a schedule. Now that you know that you should be active and doing the things that you love, it’s time to schedule what you want to do. I say make two or three different schedules and alternate between them! This will keep you on a schedule all while keeping your life interesting.

10. Wear Bright Colors

This may seem weird but what you wear impacts your mood. Winter weather is so dreary, boring, and grey. Spice up your life a little by wearing bright colors! Sporting a bright color can make you feel like your surrounded by brightness and optimism. I know I’m always pulling out my most colorful pieces during the winter season because they pull me out of my blues!





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