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Happy Labor Day folks! I’m spending the day catching up on some stuff before fashion week starts this week, and I wanted to try another new type of post this holiday weekend. Yesterday on the blog I did my first ICYMI post because I wanted to share some pictures that everyone who follows SAK might not see. If you’re subscribed or read the blog (thank you BTW!) you might not follow me on social media, which is totally fine (kind of… you should definitely follow me, if you have social media 😉 ) but you might miss some content that I only post on Instagram. It also gave me a reason to share some things I might have forgot were on my camera or didn’t have time to share.

Now that brings me to today’s post. I wanted to share what you can expect on SAK this month! First, later this week I’ll be sharing my fall Fashion Week Trend Reports! I’ve been doing seasonal trend reports the past year and I love sharing with you guys my favorite runway trends for this upcoming season. Fall/Winter 2017 fashion week happened back in February, so I’ll be recapping those trends. You can also follow me on social media this week and next to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at New York Fashion Week. I’ll be attending shows, events, working backstage at a show, and more, so you definitely don’t want to miss all of the fun!

After fashion week, I’ll be sharing my first look at my new apartment! I moved in about a month ago, and although the moving in and decorating process has slow, I’m excited to show you guys my new space! Almost two years ago I showed my first bedroom (HERE) on the blog, so it’ll be fun to show my new pieces and living space.

At the end of month I’ll be going to Arizona to see my family and then the first week of October, I have a fun-filled week planned with Phoenix Fashion Week. I was asked to come back again this year and present two workshops at the Business of Fashion Seminar Series! Last year I spoke at the seminar and talked about growing a local brand/blog into a global business, and this year my two workshop are:


“More Than the #OOTD: The Business Behind Blogging” 

I’ll be talking about the business and building blocks to having a successful blog. From the business plan, the mission, follower growth & engagement, and all the growing pains in-between.

So if you’re thinking about starting a blog, have a blog or even a small business – this workshop is for you!

“How Not to Be a Basic B: Create an Unique Blog, Brand, or Business” 

How do you create an unique brand or name in a saturated market? I’ll be talking about identifying your niche, brand and name, and how you can differentiate yourself for a successful business.

This workshop is great for brands, designers, bloggers/influencers, etc.

Fashionistas $20 per seminar / Students $10 per seminar
(book 2 seminars for the same day & 3rd is 25% OFF)


That’s pretty much what you’ll be seeing on SAK this month – fashion weeks, apartment reveals and a few outfits sprinkled in-between! Is there anything you want to see on SAK this month? And do you like this types of posts? Please let me know in the comments below! xo

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