10 Ways to Get Back in the Swing of Things for Fall


Happy Monday! It is finally starting to feel like fall and I could not be more excited! It is officially time for pumpkins, turtlenecks, and dark lipstick. #Blessed. But to be completely honest with you all, I feel like I’ve just been treading water the past few weeks and I’m busy. busy. busy. And you know when you’re so busy or so exhausted that you can’t really get ahead or prepare for what’s next? That’s currently how I feel – yikes!

So to prepare for what’s coming up for the rest of the year with work, blog and life, I’m sharing 10 tips I use to help you get back into the groove of things. They’re super simple and you can actually start doing them today – look at fall as a fresh start and the time to get organized and kick some butt.

I hope you enjoy today’s post, and is there anything you do to get back in the swing of things? If so, leave your tips in the comments and I can check them out! Enjoy! xo


1. Clear Your Space

It is psychologically proven that when your space is clean, you feel better and have more clarity. Clean your room, desktop, makeup drawer, literally anything and everything. When I say clear your space you can do this simply by making your bed or even taking out your garbage. I know personally accomplishing little micro tasks (like making my bed) everyday always makes me feel more motivated and inspired.

2. Make a List of Goals for the Rest of 2017

Okay people, we only have a few months of 2017 left and we have much to accomplish. Start off this season with a list of goals – a physical and visible list will help you accomplish tasks and stay on track. One of my personal goals is to workout three times a week. I mean, life gets busy but it’s something I know I need to do to feel better at the end of the day.

3. Make a Short Term Goal List

What do I mean by short term goal list? Write down a list of goals for yourself to accomplish within a weeks time. Short term goals are as simple as cleaning out the fridge this week to setting aside twenty minutes to call your family. I create my weekly goal list every Sunday night, and crossing all those tasks/goals off my list make me feel like a total boss.

4. Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. This can be as little as donating that dress you never wear, to cleaning off “that chair” you designated as a clothes hamper. When I get dressed in the morning, or whenever I look in my closet, if I see something that just doesn’t “fit” into my wardrobe or I don’t like anymore, I add it to my donation bag. It’s a really simple on-going accomplishment I can do without feeling the need to take an entire day cleaning out my closet.

5. Find Your Inspiration

To get you through the busy season and help you feel motivated and creative, find something that inspires you – whether that be art, poetry, a motivational quote book, or even an aesthetically pleasing Instagram – find something that inspires you daily. It’s funny how something as little as a quote can turn my mood around and help me feel empowered.

6. Set a Budget

New season, new budget! Start now by saving $25 (or whatever) a week, and you can potentially save close to $400 before the holiday season. That means you can buy thoughtful presents, buy your plane ticket home, or even treat yourself to something for the holidays. I know I am always trying to stick to a budget, but with the holiday season approaching, it’s good to start planning ahead.

7. Social Media Cleanse

I know my social media has changed drastically the past few years, so take the time this week to cleanse your social media. I mean, filter your own stuff (make sure everything is on brand), unfollow people who give you bad vibes, and most importantly follow people who inspire you. Revamping your social media will give you a huge sense of accomplishment.

8. Schedule Weekly ‘Me’ Time

I can not stress enough how important “me” time is. I know personally I would not make it through my weeks without some personal time. Go to the gym, get a mani/pedi, take a bath – whatever you like, do it! You will kill it this season if you set aside some personal time each week.

9. Set a Bed Time

This sounds so juvenal, but set a bed time. If you set a bed time you will get into a routine and feel more in control of your life. I know that this is a personal struggle that I am really trying to work on! I personally never get enough sleep with my schedule, but on days that I can, I always aim to go to bed on time and clock in a few extra Z’s.

10. Book a Trip

Let’s face it, after Thanksgiving the fall blues start setting in. It’s officially getting really cold and the realization that winter is coming, hits. However, to shake through these blues, book a trip! Booking a trip will give you something to look forward to during the holidays or spring. Whether it be a staycation or an extreme getaway, make sure to plan something!


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