What to Wear to a Sports Game When You Don’t Sport

I’m not that big of a sports person. I know, I know, mind blown. I actually grew up playing sports—I had a brief stint as a soccer goalie, played tennis, did dance and gymnastics, but a majority of my childhood was playing softball and running track. My family was a baseball family, my dad played and coached, my brother played, my sister and I both played softball. But outside of baseball, I don’t really watch any other sports. In college I would attend football games for the social aspect, pretended I understood basketball and really loved the fights in hockey, but couldn’t tell you anything about the game logistics.

Now as an adult, I have so many friends that are die-hard Sunday Football fans, participate in fantasy leagues, etc. and here I am, wondering how I can coordinate my sunglasses to the team with cuter colors. So today, I’m here to help you other lost sport souls get ready for this week’s sporting activities, because if your outfit looks good, who needs to know what’s happening on the field or TV screen.

I paired a lace sleeve blouse with my vintage men’s plaid button-up (which I tied as a skirt), threw on some sneakers, added excessively large hoop earrings and matched the sunnies to the good ole’ yellow blouse. I realize that this look matches the Packers (that’s a team right?) but I also say it’s a great fall color combination. So happy sporting to all you non-sporting gals and see you this week for more looks! xo



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