Selena Halloween Costume Tutorial

Happy Halloween weekend! I am celebrating with friends tonight and I’m really excited to share my Halloween costume with you guys. I am going as Selena! I remember watching the Selena movie for the first time when I was around five years old, and it’s honestly one of my favorite movies. I have always admired Selena, her story and her determination, but also, she was my first Mexican-American role model. I never felt truly latina growing up, but I also knew I wasn’t all white (despite my light skin, hair and eyes from my mom). She was someone I looked up to and I thought it would be a super fun costume for this year!

My intern Marleigh decorated this bustier for me – we repurposed an old bra I owned with rhinestones—you can read the tutorial at the end of the post! Then I paired high-waisted skinny jeans, my vintage cowboy belt, boots and a baker boy hat. I added gold hoops, the classic red lip and I’m ready! You can catch me on the dance floor tonight and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend! xo



Now onto how to make your own Selena inspired look! I took a plain black bra that was on its last leg and modeled my rhinestone design after the easiest Selena outfit to make a cute costume on a budget. I made a quick shopping trip to the craft store to pick up the only two supplies you need: hot glue and rhinestones. I choose to do gold rhinestones in various sizes because I had gold accessories that matched and I wanted to create a unique spin on the design. I first started with hot gluing the underwire with bigger stones for support. The rhinestone pack came with matte gold stones and shiny gems. I alternated sizes and shine on the rest of the cup to catch the light and create a unique geometric design. I also made sure to glue the gems in the center of their back instead filling the entire back to eliminate them from popping off and letting the fabric be flexible for some signature Selena moves.

For the design, I used varied stone sizes to maximize the space of the design and emulate the original design. Before I committed to the placement of the stones, I lightly traced out the rough design and modeled my final gluing after that. To put on my final touches, I used a blowdryer to shrink up the glue fly aways and reset the glue to make sure the stones were secure.  And then bidi bidi bom bom, you have your own unique Selena look!

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 5.59.03 PM.png


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