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The past few weeks have been weird—in the simplest of terms. Although I normally work at home, my routine was completely thrown off. I struggled maintaining my morning and night routines, there was no real reason to get dressed or ready for the day and my days started to blend together. A couple weeks ago I noticed Catt Sadler started a #FormalFridays where she donates money to a organization helping COVID for each person who posts them dressed up for Formal Friday so I participated. I dressed up, made myself a martini and posted my outfit on Instagram. As simple as it was to just get a little dressed up and put makeup on, I felt like a new person. I felt like I was back in my norm of playing dress up each day, and I never realized how much I missed that part of my daily routine when I didn’t have a reason to do it.

After that week I decided to start getting ready a few days out of the week and take pictures, be more active on social media and we started a #SAKSpiritWeek last week with our community. Each day we had a new dress up theme and the response was better than I expected. It gave us a chance to connect with each other, get dressed up and have a small activity each day. On Friday I hosted an Instagram LIVE fashion show and people joined me on instagram to show off their outfits on a “virtual fashion show.” Below I’m highlighting our first Spirit Week and our amazing participants.

This week we are hosting another spirit week and I hope you join us! I have listed the theme details on my Instagram page HERE.

Something “New” Monday

Tiger King Tuesday

Casual Wednesday

Thrifty Thursday

Formal Friday

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  1. April 13, 2020 / 7:19 pm

    Oh wow I work from home too and I just love this idea! And great outfits, they’re so pulled-together.

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