NYE Outfit: Elevate Your LBD


Can you believe it? The new year is just around the corner, and as I look back on this past year, it seems like so much has happened yet time went by so fast. It’s so weird how it happens like that.

However, it’s time to stop thinking about the past and begin to think about the future! 2017 is knocking at the door, and when I step into the new year, I know I want to put my best foot forward. Which is why I think it’s so important to have a fabulous New Year’s Eve outfit planned out. No matter what your plans are for the night, it’s your one excuse per year to wear a little sparkle, and that’s an occasion you should never pass up.

While some people opt to go for all-sequin outfits, this year, I’m playing up a timeless piece and adding my own spin on an article every woman has in her closet. Enter the LBD.

The little black dress never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for occasions like this one if you don’t want to go out and purchase a whole new outfit. All you have to do is take the LBD out of your closet and use some savvy accessorizing to elevate it and make it fit your event. For a classic piece like this, it’s very simple to freshen it up with some special shoes and one or two trendy accessories. Just follow my tips below for modifying your classic, timeless piece for NYE, and you’ll be stepping into the new year with panache!


To make your classic LBD a bit more up-to-date and striking, I like to add in some unexpected details that spruce it up a bit. For my New Year’s Eve modified LBD outfit, I made sure to have a high slit and a dramatic sleeve detail. These two tweaks to the dress instantly elevate it, putting a twist on a timeless wardrobe staple. Looking for how to do it yourself? This page has plenty of ideas to help you find the perfect LBD that will definitely make you the belle of the ball for your NYE party.


When working with a tried-and-true classic, sometimes less is more. With that said, I didn’t want to overdo the sparkles since I already had such a spotlight-worthy frock. So instead of adding in a statement jeweled necklace, I chose to wear my sparkles on my feet. With these shoes that have rhinestones on the heels, the sparkle is subtle yet classy. It’s just enough to show a pop of party-worthy fun, yet not too much where it becomes distasteful. You can also always take the first tip here and bejewel your shoes yourself, which is a fun and cost-effective DIY trick.


Like I mentioned in the tip above, you really don’t want to overdo the accessories with your LBD if you already have a couple dramatic details to the piece. It’s best to let your gorgeous dress take center stage and let the add-ons simply accentuate how great your dress is. That’s why I kept my jewelry minimal and let the dress speak for itself. If you’re still craving your one-night-only pass to wear sequins, though, one fun idea is the sparkly clutch add-on mentioned here. It’s just the right amount of glam!

I hope you enjoy my NYE look this year, check out more of the look below! Happy New Year! xo














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