Man Crush Monday Features Favian Horta

Man Crush Monday Features: Favian Horta


Welcome to Man Crush Monday ladies- gents, don’t tune out there is some good stuff in here for you too! Feast your eyes on Favian Horta, a junior supply chain management, sustainability, and communications triple major at Arizona State University. Favian always puts his best foot forward and is known for having a style that is fresh and all his own. Read on to get to know our Man Crush a little better.

Ladies, be impressed. Gentlemen, take some notes!


What he’s Wearing: Men’s Wearhouse, Express, Macy’s, and a Fossil watch.

Celebrity Crush: Ariana Grande

Best Place to Shop: JC Penny, anywhere cheap but fashionable.

Style Inspiration: I go with whatever looks good and channel my inner man model 🙂


Favorite Girl Style: Converse

Worst Girl Style: High wasted shorts

One Word to Describe You: Eclectic

Post Grad Plans: Work for Abbott or in the health food industry.

Best Style Tip for Guys: Always get your clothes tailored!



We’ll see you next week for Women Crush Wednesday. Have a fabulous and fashionable week!

Xoxo, Kelly



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