Fall Is In The Air! By Contributing Writer: Brittany Lawrence

Fall is here which means it is time to start a new season of fashion! Break out your favorite jeans, boots, sweaters, and scarves and start wishing for colder weather, but what is going to be popular this coming season? Many stores are putting a certain three colors on display, these three are: olive, burgundy, and navy. There are many olive, military-like jackets coming out in a variety of styles from buttons and zippers, to belts and synched waistlines.  This new must-have piece of outerwear is not limited to olive, but is also being displayed in tan and black, olive however has won most popular.

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Another must have are olive, burgundy, or navy pants. Add one or all three to your fall wardrobe. These not only go great with sandals or flats but can go with pretty much any style of boots! Pair your burgundy pants with a navy top, black or brown combat boots, and through on a patterned scarf and you are ready to go.

The cozy look is also popular with big sweaters and there is so much variety. They range in so many colors, cuts, prints, material, and patterns. A slightly oversized sweater or cardigan with skinny jeans and boots is the perfect fall look that’s comfortable too. Add a scarf, some cute earrings and a messy bun and you’re looking cute without much effort.

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Boots are probably the most essential must have for fall. You can wear them with practically every outfit and there are so many different styles from combat, cowboy, short, tall, studded, straps, black, brown, taupe, stone, and so much more! Its usually a good idea to have the basics, a pair of black and a pair of brown. When buying boots though keep in mind the color of the buckles. If you wear mostly gold accessories and you buy black boots with silver buckles, then it is going to limit what you can wear the boots with. Think about how you will wear them before you buy them. Not only think about wearing them with jeans, but with leggings, shorts, and even dresses and skirts too! A way to spice up your boots is to wear knee length socks that come out right above the top of your boots. Back to the three key colors olive, burgundy, navy, and even tan socks would look cute peeking out of the top of brown boots. For black boots try black trouser socks in different designs.

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Fall is an exciting time of year. Its when it starts to cool off and you can layer again. No more wearing the least amount of clothes as possible to escape the dreadful heat. It’s time to get our denim, boots, scarves, and sweaters on. Mix and match all of these colors and styles to create new looks everyday!

xoxo, Brittany Lawrence


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