A best friend is the perfect accessory


You dress like your friends.
The way you act, dress or even think is influenced by others, especially your friends.

Earlier this summer, good friends and sorority Big&Little pair, Sammi and Liz took time out of their busy schedules to show me how their styles reflect their personality and friendship.


Their effortlessly chic laid back look is foolproof for a busy day of class, internships, work and club meetings. Both Sammi and Liz have very similar styles- comfortable, all american girl,  with a bargain hunter twist. These ladies go-to outfits are a basic tee and jeans but it’s not just any  basic combo, these fashionistas know how to perfectly dress up and accessorize a classic white tee and jean pair.


Sammi, now contributing writer and one of the masterminds behind our editorial staff, spilled the deets on her friendship and style:

“My favorite outfit to take and revamp is the classic tshirt and jeans- I LOVE tshirts and jeans! It’s an easy find when you’re in a rush and it’s so comfy and versatile. The best part is you can add some flare to them by throwing on a cute scarf or cardigan, a cute pair of sandals, and a little bling to make a fabulous outfit.”




DSCN1404 DSCN1403shoes- Steve Madden, jeans- target, tank- target, scarf- forever 21

“You can also go Liz’s route and make your tee and jeans a bit more fancy with a lacey top and pops of color and minimal layers. Either way, you’ll always look polished yet comfy for running around campus. I can’t wait to rock the revamped tshirt and jeans during the upcoming school year.”



DSCN1406Shoes- h&m ($10), Jeans-American eagle ($39), Shirt- Express ($12)
Bracelets- Charlotte Russe ($5), Earrings- Forever 21 ($3)

Thanks Liz and Sammi for showing us how to make a basic white tee and jeans individually unique with your personal favorite accessories!

Check out Sammi’s  SAK style file this upcoming week!

DSCN1374 DSCN1375 DSCN1378xoxo Audree Kate and Sammi


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