5 Ways to Wear This Season’s Hottest Trends on a Budget

This past weekend was the official start of our favorite season, fall! We recently published our fall trend guides, which you can catch up on HERE, and we’re excited to kick start a new season and fresh wardrobe. However, shopping the latest season’s trends can be expensive. I know I personally want to start a new season with brand new pieces and the current trends, but the thought of completely revamping my closet every few months sounds ridiculous. Today Team SAK is sharing five ways you can implement this season’s hottest trends, but also staying in a budget. xo

Shop Your Closet

Remember that one time you bought a pair of checker print culottes? Well they’re about to come in handy. Where you should begin is your own closet. I can assure you that you have many pieces that you have forgotten about that will fit into any of the trends this season. I just went through my closet last week and went through every single piece and thought about if I could style it, if it fit a current trend (which most do!) and if I wanted to keep it. I sold / donated the rest!


After looking through your closet it may be a good idea to clean out your closet. Once you have a bag of clothes I highly suggest taking them to a consignment store to get some extra shopping cash or store credit, or donate to a local women’s shelter or thrift store.  Once you’ve gotten rid of the old, add some “new” thrifted pieces. They’ll be in budget and the act of just adding something new to your closet (even if it’s previously worn, will spark your creativity.

Another great way to exchange your clothes is to do a clothing swap with friends. Have a fun girls’ night and everyone bring a bag of things and “shop” your friend’s closets. This is completely free and you will all walk away with a few new items in your closet.

Favor Accessories

If you don’t have a budget to even buy one new piece of clothing, opt for accessories. Check out this fall’s accessory trends here. Inexpensive trend-forward jewelry and shoes can enhance your clothes without breaking the bank. The amazing thing about accessories is you can pick up affordable items almost anywhere. Thrift stores, fast fashion shops, and even craft stores. Doesn’t matter where you find them, just use them to spruce up your outfits.

Versatile Pieces

When searching for pieces to implement fall trends, versatility is important. You want to buy trendy pieces but one’s that can stay in your closet for a long time. You can find a few great and amazing pieces that match multiple trends. Look for layering items, bold prints, yellow, rust and red. The key is that these pieces can be styled with multiple items and look great. They can be easily mixed and matched.

Shop the Sales

End of summer is filled with sales before the holiday season starts. Shop these sales, trend forward pieces will be part of them. Summer sales are a great place to find clothes, shoes and accessories for a good price. However, make sure that the term ‘sale’ doesn’t cloud your judgement. Only buy trend forward pieces that you know that you will wear. Don’t just buy to buy.






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