5 Rules to Follow to Determine If Something Is ‘Worthy of Your Wardrobe’

How do you decide if an item is worthy of your wardrobe? We’re all guilty of holding onto unworn pieces, or adding items that don’t fit our personal style aesthetic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through my closet and done it myself. I always think, “Well maybe one day if I lose a couple pounds, or you never know when I’ll need ‘xyz’, or I’ll save it for when it comes back into style…” and the list continues.

When it comes to determining if something is worthy of your wardrobe there are 5 rules you need to follow:

Is it versatile?

The first rule to determine if something is worthy of your wardrobe is: is it versatile? When I shop or go through my wardrobe I always ask myself how many different looks can I create with this pieces? Something that is worthy of my wardrobe can be styled a variety of ways with many different pieces I already own.

Is this something I’d wear for multiple seasons?

My second rule is making sure I’d wear the piece for multiple seasons. Fast Fashion is a prevalent issue within the fashion industry right now, and I want to do my part. I do this by making sure pieces that I add to my closet can be worn for multiple seasons. I believe that a piece is wardrobe worthy when it’s long-lasting!

Is it flattering?

My third rule to making sure something is worthy of my wardrobe is asking myself the dreaded question, is it flattering? When I’m trying on clothes I really look at how the piece is fitting my body at the time of try-on. There’s no point of holding onto something that doesn’t fit me properly. A wardrobe worthy piece flatters you in all the right places!

Is it similar to something I own already?

My fourth rule is making sure that the piece isn’t similar to something I own already. I tend to gravitate towards the same prints/styles, and I recognize this as an issue. There’s no need to have an excessive amount of one item in your closet. A wardrobe worthy piece is something that you don’t already have, but you’ve been searching for. The only exemptions are sequins and band tees, you can never have too many of either!

Does it require much care?

My fifth, and final rule is does it require much care? Most of us are busy with work and life, so the last place we want to go is the dry cleaner. To me a wardrobe worthy piece is something I can care for myself. Nobody has time for a dry cleaner, unless they come to pickup – of course!

In collaboration with Closet Choreography! I teamed up with Jennifer Sattler of Closet Choreography and a handful of other stylists for a International Stylist collaboration!

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