2019 Resolutions

Congrats babe, we made it through another year! I am so excited for 2019. This morning I read through my resolution posts from the past four years and it almost felt felt surreal to see how much has changed and how I have grown in the past few years. In 2015 I wanted to move out of Arizona, fingers crossed it would be New York, in 2016 I learned to say ‘no’ and put myself first, 2017 was a year of focus and hustle and this past year I made an effort to find balance in my hectic schedule. Read last year’s post here.

In 2017 I changed my mindset about New Years resolutions. I decided to select a central word that I would live by for the year. It felt more approachable than a long list of half-hearted goals, and it was something I could integrate into every aspect of my life. Last year I chose the word ‘balance.’ I implemented morning and night routines for myself, I worked out more, I had a ‘no-work’ Saturday rule and made a bigger effort to schedule non-work related activities and hang out with friends. I quickly realized that there is no such thing as perfect work/life balance when you work for yourself; but I learned to be nicer to myself, step away from my phone and computer when possible and live more in the moment.

My word for 2019 is Thrive.

I am starting a new chapter in my businesses and personal life in 2019 and I strongly believe that a word that embodies this change is thrive—which means to prosper, be fortunate, successful and flourish. 2016 and 2017 were challenging years with a lot of growing pains and 2018 was a year of exciting growth and new opportunities. I don’t know about you, but I have a really good feeling about 2019 and this new chapter.

Under my word of the year, I have a list of personal and business goals I want to work on this year.

In my personal life, I want to schedule ‘me’ time into my daily routine. I want to meditate, journal, work-out, read and schedule non-work vacations or activities. I tend to push off my personal time during busy periods, so my goal this year is to physically schedule these things into my calendar so it’s still a priority. I was able to start this routine in 2018 with my balance goal, and I look forward to continuing this personal challenge.

For my businesses, 2019 will be a year of expansion. I will be growing my team this year and I will be hiring a full-time assistant! I’ll also be focusing on Simply Audree Kate more and creating new styling content, posting more articles from Team SAK and taking our content to a new, exciting level. I can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on! My styling business, Audree Kate Studios will continue to grow and I plan on styling for more companies and personal clients this year.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been dividing my time between my businesses and freelance jobs, and my goal for 2019 is to central my focus and take Simply Audree Kate and Audree Kate studios to a brand new caliber. 2019 is going to be one hell of a year and I can’t wait to have you follow along! xo




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