10 Ways to Relax During the Busy Holiday Season

Happy almost weekend! The holiday season is just around the corner, and I know for me personally, December is a crazy busy month. The days seem to fly by with events, parties, travel, family, and more—it’s easy to get stressed out, feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the time the new year hits. I know for me personally, I normally go, go, go and wear myself out. This season, I’m going to “try” (try being the key words) to relax a little, check offline and enjoy what the holidays are all about. Today I’m sharing 10 ways you can destress and relax during the holiday season. Let’s kick some butt the next few weeks and end 2017 on an amazing note! xo

1. Exercise

It is well known that exercising releases endorphins and is a great stress reliever. If you find yourself getting stressed this season, go out on a run, head to the gym, or even take one of your favorite workout classes. Exercising allows you to clear your mind for a bit. I am the first to say goodbye to exercise when I’m busy, but I know just taking even 30 minutes to release some tension is so worth it.

2. Mediate

The holiday season can easily throw you off balance when you’re playing host, guest and secret santa. Carve out a couple minutes each day to sit, relax and be completely offline; and remember, you don’t have to sit in a room with your legs crossed or listen to self-guided meditations. It can be as easy as taking a longer shower or bath, taking a detour home for a couple extra minutes of sanity or doing deep breathing exercises before bed. Whatever you feel like is a good mediation level for you, I highly suggest you try doing this during the holiday season!

3. Participate in Activities You Enjoy

Have you been running around too much finding presents or working too much? Then it’s time to participate in something you actually enjoy. Life is too short for you to be a slave to the holiday season. Schedule a couple activities with friends or family, try out a new or old family tradition or recipe, and have some fun!

4. Know When to Say ‘No’

It is easy to stretch yourself too thin during the holiday season. Saying yes to everything is one sure way to stress yourself out this season. I always say, “you have to say no to the rest to say yes to the best.” This is even true during the holiday season. You are only one person, you can’t do everything, so divide and conquer – whether that be with work, shopping, chores, etc.

5. Stick to your Daily Rituals

During the holiday season it is easy to forget about your daily rituals. Getting off track for a month can really throw you off your vibe. Take time for that cup of coffee before leaving the house, read the newspaper, take that bubble bath – whatever ritual you have, stick to it!

6. Focus on What’s Most Important

The holiday season has become a material based time of the year, but it is so important to remember what is important this season. Friends, family, and the time that you spend with them. The people you surround yourself with is more important than the gifts you give and receive. When you’re hanging out with friends and family, put away your phone, social media, email, etc.

7. Drop High Stress Rituals

Do you always go ice skating, see the Nutcracker or go over the top with holiday decor and lights? Do these extra rituals stress you out? Drop them! If you’re feeling too stressed this year and simply can’t make these things happy with grace and ease, don’t even try. Holiday rituals can be easily changed or modified to uphold your mental health.

8. Take a Break

It’s as simple as that. Take a break if you’re feeling stressed. Take a walk, make a cup of tea, nap – however you want to spend a break, do it!

9. Follow a Budget

It is all to easy to over spend during the holiday season. There are gifts to buy and events to go to but the most important thing you can do is set a budget. By setting a budget you will cancel out future stress!

10. Ask For Help

It’s the holiday season and there’s always a helping hand! If you’re feeling majorly stressed about something simply ask for help. I know when I ask for help it’s like weight is instantly taken off my shoulders!






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