Why I’ve Decided To Make 2019 the Year of Me

Hi there! I’m Lauren Gragson and I know some of you have seen me before, both on the SAK website and SAK Instagram stories! I met Audree the summer of 2016 while interning at Redbook Magazine, and that fall I started interning with Team SAK! Now, I’m a Freelance Writer for Simply Audree Kate and I wanted to formally introduce myself.

I’m a senior at Northern Arizona University majoring in Merchandising and Advertising, minoring in Journalism. This past semester I studied Fashion Promotion at Manchester Fashion Institute in England. I’m now back at NAU starting my final semester! I can’t wait for you to see what Team SAK has been working on for these next few months! xo

It’s 2019, and this is going to be the year of me. Two thousand eighteen was a big year for me filled with growth, adventure, and realizations. However, 2019 THIS IS for sure my year! When we create resolutions for the new year, typically these lists consist of: workout, eat better, get good grades, flourish in my career, make more time for friends/ family… yadda yadda yadda. These are all the basics.

When 2018 ended, and I started the transition to 2019, I decided that this year I wanted to focus on myself. In past years, I have given pieces of myself to others that in the end has taken a toll on me as a whole. Well, that is not happening this year. I hope this doesn’t sound too bad, but this year I’d like to be a little selfish. I want to work on myself and relationships that are positive for me.

This year I have milestones coming my way. I’m completing two capstones, I hold a freelance position and an internship, I graduate college, and I’m working towards a career in New York City (fingers crossed)! With that being said there are a lot of changes happening all at once. These changes are some of the most exciting I’ve ever experienced. These are changes and experiences that are going to help shape me into the person I want to be!

I decided 2019 is going to be the year of me because, how am I supposed to help others or flourish in my own life if I don’t focus on myself. This is a gradual process, and I don’t expect it to happen overnight. I’m taking things step by step.

Step One

The first step I’m taking to make this the year of me is to reflect on those who I’m surrounded by. The people who you hang out with have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. This year I’m trying my best to identify negative relationships and end them. I know this will help me in the long run. I’m going to make sure I’m putting energy into my positive relationships.

Step Two

After making sure I’m surrounded by those who will support me and help me flourish, I’m going to make sure I’m giving 100% to my career. This includes both my courses and my job/internship. I want to make sure I understand what I’m learning, what I’m doing, and I want to give myself ample time to finish projects. Also since I am graduating, I need to make sure I’m scheduling time for resume updates, job applications, and interviews.

Step Three

This year I’m going to push myself to better myself physically. I know working out and eating right is a basic resolution, but I’m buckling down this year. I believe to feel your best, you need to look your best. For me that means I want to tone my body, I want to eat a more plant-based diet, and I want to live a more active lifestyle.

Step Four

As part of the year of me, I want to focus on my mental health more. I have pushed my mental health to the side before, and those were rough times. I refuse to do that this year. When I need to take a step back, if I need to talk to someone or if I need to find a solution to a personal problem, I will.

I’m excited to start this year of me. I hope you’re able to implement some of these steps into your 2019! Will this be the year of you? xo


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