Wear It Wednesday: 9 Ways to Wear a Bandana


Happy Wednesday! I’m back with another Wear It Wednesday tutorial today (cue the cheering!). I have been integrating scarves into my wardrobe the past six or so years, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when bandanas finally became trendy again, because I had been harboring a drawer full of vintage bandanas. Fast forward a couple of years, and a few new bandanas, it’s safe to say that I could probably incorporate a bandana into almost every outfit I wear. Oops? I get the same question from you, readers, and friends about how I tie my bandanas and manage to wear so many. I have picked 9 of my favorite, and super easy, ways to wear a bandana. This can elevate a basic white tee, or add a fun detail to any look. Check it out now!

1.The Chic Cowboysimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana1

This is one of the most classic ways to tie your scarf- fold in half into a large triangle, leave the pointed part in the front, and knot the two ends in the back. You can adjust what the height is. For this style, I leave it fairly loose around my neck for a casual feel.

2. The Audreysimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana5

I call this classic style The Audrey as a nod to the every stylish, and scarf warrior, Audrey Hepburn. Fold the bandana into a triangle, then fold down 3-4 times again until you have a long strand. Tie the bandana to the side of your neck for that classic look.

3. The French Girlsimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana3

I probably wear my bandanas this way the most. You start like how you tie The Cowboy but pull the ends of the scarf around the back of your neck to the front and tie in a knot. I like this style for a little bit colder days because it keeps your neck covered and always looks effortlessly chic.

4. The Ascotsimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana6

This style is great for your smaller bandanas. Tie just like The Cowboy, but it will sit against your neck since it’s a smaller scarf. You can tuck the edges into your shirt neckline for the authentic ascot look.

5. The Bow


This look is perfect way to make your outfit and bandana feel more feminine. I used an oversized bandana for this look. Fold like The Audrey and wrap around your neck a couple times then tie a bow to the side of your neck. I love how much this scarf can dress up a classic tee!

6. The Twist


This tie is very similar to The Audrey, except instead of folding the scarf, you twist the scarf so it’s really skinny and then just tie – there is no knot, just a quick twist around each other for a really dainty and effortless look.


7. The Chokersimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana9

Tie this bandana like The Ascot, and embellish up the look with a choker, or two, or a decorative statement necklace. This really jazzes up your classic bandana!


8. The Necklacesimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana10

Fold your bandana into a skinny scarf and tie as a choker around your neck. You can layer a choker or necklace with this too!


9. The Braceletsimplyaudreekate-wiw-bandana11

Last but not least, your bandana doesn’t have to just stay on your neck. Tie your bandana around your wrist as a bracelet! You can add some colorful bangles to really play up your arm party, or just leave as it. Either way, this is a super cool look!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.40.10 PM


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