Wear It Wednesday: 5 Ways to Knot a Belt


Happy Wednesday! Today we’re taking a break from vacation content (it’ll be back tomorrow, I promise 😉 )  and I’m sharing a brand new Wear It Wednesday tutorial – 5 ways to knot a belt! Adding a belt to a look can help dress it up, define your waist and take the ensemble to the next level. I’m sharing five simple ways to style your belt, from an easy knot to a more elaborate double belt loop. Hope you enjoy! xo


1. The Hidden End LoopSimplyAudreeKate.WIW.Belt.5

One of my favorite ways to knot a belt is the hidden end loop – it makes the belt look a little cleaner because you won’t have the dangling end of the belt. This is perfect for a more dressed up look.

Take the end of the belt and wrap it underneath upwards to yourself. Flip and tuck the end of the belt into the loop to create that “hidden end”

2. The Butterfly KnotSimplyAudreeKate.WIW.Belt.2

Since a portion of my belts are meant for the hips, they’re super long when I bring them up to my waist. To shorten the extra end, do a butterfly knot.

Instead of looping the belt, wrap the belt underneath (like the hidden loop), cross in a diagonal over the belt and wrap again upwards on the other side. To complete the “X” shape, tuck the remaining belt into the first crossover loop.

3. The Simple KnotScreen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.49.15 AM

The best kind of the belt to use for a simple knot is a skinny belt or flexible leather belt. Just tie in a knot and you’re out the door. No need to fuss over complicated knots, because this look is perfect for a simple tee and jeans or summer dress. This can be worn at the waist or hips.


4. The LoopSimplyAudreeKate.WIW.Belt.1

This is a classic belt knot and very simple to do – once you hook the belt, do the same underneath wrap and then tuck the remaining piece of belt under the other side.

5. The Double Knot BeltSimplyAudreeKate.WIW.Belt.3

Are you a belt knotting pro yet? Take your look to the next level by adding two belts!

Take your first belt and belt it backwards around your waist. Take the second belt and knot it underneath the top belt but peaking out. Then wrap the end of the belt around both belts to hold them together.





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