Unique New York

I just got back from my quick vacation to New York City and it was amazing!!! I went with my adorable roommate from last year, Ali, and we visited her sister and brother-in-law. They were so sweet for letting us crash on their couches and tour the city. I fell in love with the fast paced life and how different it was from Arizona. During our trip we took lots of pictures for me to post on the blog. For this post I just wanted to show some pictures from our daily outfits. Let me know what you think and keep checking for more posts!

P.S A special shoutout to Ali and Anna for helping me with pictures and modeling for my blog. Love you girls with all my heart

xoxo Audree Kate

floral top with the DIY lace jeans on my blog and yellow sandals and purse
coral top with green belt
A loose sheer color button up can be worn all year around

Cute jeweled sandals can add sparkle to any outfit and will match most colors

color blocking

Marc Jacobs Watch and Purse

lighten up a dark top and bottom pair with a lighter belt and jewelry

bright high to low skirts with neutral shirts and sandals and
 to keep the outfit balanced, wear chunky jewelry

classic white tee with a flowy sweater cardigan and printed scarf is casual chic yet super comfy

Jean on jean is the newest trend- but to make sure it’s not ‘too 90’s’ keep the jeans of different shades (dark pants with a light button up)

colorful pants and printed scarfs are always a DO

A light knitted sweater will keep you warm in the beach breeze

lace shirt over a swimsuit bandeau 

sheer button up with ripped shorts for a beachy cool look

Fedoras, sunglasses and big earrings are a must at the beach this summer

colorful lips can make your outfit more dramatic for the night

Soho Ready with our glasses

I mixed prints of the heart shirt and chevron yellow skirt. It was balanced out with neutral accessories (bow belt and bow sandals) but a pop of color with the chunky necklace 
(color blocking anyone?!)

vertical strips lengthens your torso when paired with high waisted cut offs. 
I also placed a chunky gold necklace under the collor

Ali’s newest favorite color is this lime green (It looks amazing with her skin tone)
she finally found the perfect shirt from Forever 21!



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