The Story Behind My Silver Jewelry Collection


Happy Thursday! If you have been following my blog the past few years, you probably have noticed I wear quite a bit of jewelry. I wear rings on almost every finger, bracelet stacking is my favorite puzzle, and bring on the statement necklaces! As I have defined my personal style in the past couple of years, I have determined that silver jewelry is my metal of choice. About 3 years ago, I would only wear gold because it was so trendy on Pinterest; but I would find myself purchasing cheap fast fashion pieces and within 2-3 weeks they would tarnish, lose their appeal and I would have to start over again. Maybe I didn’t have much luck because I basically live in my jewelry, but I was seeking for something durable throughout my day, and something that I could stack, mix and match.

Growing up I received a few really special silver pieces – from vintage rings I found in Arizona, to a few gorgeous silver and turquoise necklaces I received from my adopted Nana. I realized that these pieces held their value and it was worth investing or holding onto pieces that could take the wear and tear of my day-to-day routine. From that day forward, I said goodbye to my tarnished, now greenish gold, costume jewelry and focused on keeping a few really special pieces in my jewelry routine. I love that all of my jewelry has a story – whether its how I received the piece, where it was made, or an experience I had with it. My pieces are special to me, and my “family jewels.”

My really special jewelry pieces are my rings and cuffs. As far as my rings go, I have a simple silver band that I never take off (see in the next picture) from my sister. I always think of her when I wear it and I love knowing that I have family leading me through my day. I have a couple other vintage rings I discovered at thrift shops on various vacations that were basically a steal – I love how unique they are! I also have a variety of rings I have acquired through working in the fashion/media industry. All of these are special because I know they’re based of friendship, hard work and pride. As far as my cuffs and bracelets go, I have a handful of jeweled silver cuffs from vintage shops, plus a few simple silver bands and bracelets that go with everything. I also love that my silver jewelry gives me a sense of home – that Southwest flair.

Recently on the blog, I partnered up with Capolavori, an online artisan marketplace promoting local crafts – from jewelry to home decor (see post here) and I shared two of my newest pieces to my jewelry collection: The Sipario cuff and the Anello 2 Spike ring. As you can probably pick up from my jewelry history, I am pretty picky to what makes “the cut” and I’m not lying when I say that I wear these two pieces almost every single day. The ring perfectly blends into my ring collage, and I have received non-stop compliments about the cuff because it’s so unique and can easily stand alone with an outfit. I highly recommend if you’re looking at saying goodbye to cheap costume jewelry, and building a collection of nice wearable jewelry, I suggest investing in something that is artisan made, like Capolavori,  made from real silver or gold, and something that you can wear with everything. I have been lucky to start my collection with a mixture of vintage and new pieces, and now I’m really excited to continue to grow my jewelry and find pieces that scream my personal style!

Here is a little bit more about Capolavori, why I’m really in love with this company and why you should check them out:

What is Capolavori?

  • Marketplace of high-end craftsmanship straight from the artisan’s workshop, promoting local craft production rather than mass production (competitors)

  • Owns the process and relationship with merchants

  • Specializes in jewelry, home decoration, tableware, leather goods, and bags

  • Each product is unique since they are all hand-made — nothing is mass produced

  • All the materials used are tracked and natural, and made without any exploited labo


SHOP MY PIECES HERE:Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 1.17.11 AM.pngSipario cuff | Anello 2 Spike ring

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  1. March 2, 2017 / 11:58 am


    I really like this post on the history behind your jewelry collection. I think I might write a post about my own. I am similar to you with my experience in jewelry except I started wearing silver a lot first and they were pieces that were not of good quality. Recently I have purchased higher end jewelry pieces that are expensive initially, but last for a long time. I wear more gold now more than anything, but I appreciate my pieces now more than I did originally. It is almost an investment for quality instead of quantity!


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