Spring Into Style 2015

Oh man has it been a busy week! It’s taken me a few days to collect my thoughts about the show, get back in the swing of things with school and finally sit down to blog about my show. First and foremost I would like to thank the Phoenix Fashion Week team for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the Spring Into Style 2015 show as one of the top 6 stylists this year- it was an incredible experience and am so honored. I would also like to thank my sponsor, Boots Beauty for the incredible swag bag items and support through the process.

This was my first time I’ve styled a show completely by myself and it was an interesting process to say the least. The theme I was given to style was “Floral” which at first I was so stoked because come on, spring = floral right? But I felt like a majority of my peers would peg that I would style a very tea party-like florals with pastels, pretty patterns and the typical floral you’ve used to, so that’s why I wanted to go outside of the box and create a show that was the complete opposite. And although I may have received some poor reviews or people thinking I was too off the mark, I wanted to create a show that would shake up the spring runway and push my limits as a stylist.

I believe the roles between a designers’ and a stylists’ shows are completely different. A designer is supposed to create a cohesive line of similar items featuring same fabrics, colors and feel, and I believe a stylist’s job is to take those pieces from the designer and relate to the customer you are dressing. I could have definitely put a show together from one designer or one line to make a very fluid runway show but I wanted to put pieces on models that were more relatable (in some sense) to the audience. From the girly girl to the rocker chick, my goal was to have everyone watch my show and pick out one item they would like to buy.

Overall I was in love with every show put together from the stylists that night. Jenesis killed the boho scene with funky jewelry, henna and to-die for vintage pieces. Nuvia made me want to only wear jean and geometric shapes for spring, and Vanessa showed me that white on white is not overrated and I loved that all of her pieces were relatable and wearable. Tim changed my view on prints on prints with menswear and I loved the energy and colorfulness of his and Jackie’s bold show- which was a show-stopping finale. I am so unbelievably honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside these creative minds and they only pushed me harder to make my future shows better, more thought through and unique- Thank you PHXFW and stylists.

I worked with some of my favorite retailers, local boutiques, new jewelry designers and even two student fashion designers to put together my looks, so a huge thank you for allowing me to showcase your beautiful pieces! Each outfit has an outfit description in the gallery below, so show them some love on their site and if you loved the outfits from the runway, shop away!! Also enjoy a video below recapping the show that was put together my friend and ASU student, Jesse Hines.

And a huge thank you to Salon Estique for doing my models’ hair and make-up!

Thank you Boots for providing me with the coolest pampering kit for my big day!

Thank you Dream Photography Studio and Healthy Skin AZ for helping with my swag bag items!IMG_1095

Another huge thank you to Hannah and Ariane for being the best show assistants and helping me put together the show!IMG_1112

And last but not least, a huge thank you to my biggest supporters and number one fans, my parents!
*My Dress and Necklace from Shop Olive You! My hair was done by my mom from dollface salon and spa!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4trziKNSCM]


*Click photo to expand gallery. Thank you Almanza Photography!


Clothing and Accessories
Alexa Fratianni Designs 
Boutique To You
Erlynn Fontaine (student)
Group USA
Never Nola
Shop Pepper
Ted Baker


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