Phoenix Fashion Week 2014 – Day 1

Phoenix Fashion Week 2014 has been one for the books! A huge thank you to the Phoenix Fashion Week team for allowing me to attend! Night one kicked off with three of the emerging designers: Charmosa Swimwear, State Forty-Eight and Women’s Touch Apparel and established designers: Tylor Leigh, Carol Wong and Albert Andrada.

 I was excited for Thursday’s event because Phoenix Fashion Week gave the student organization I’m co-founder and president of, Business of Fashion at ASU, 50 complimentary seats for club members! It was such a wonderful opportunity for our members to be able to network and experience such a great fashion community right in their very own city.


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I had high hopes for Charmosa Swimwear since Dolcessa Swimwear won 2013 fashion week. An opening dance by Brazilian dancers kicked off fashion week with a bang but unfortunately  their designs and construction did not wow me.  I LOVED the feather accents by accessory designer Olga M Designs and felt like that added to Charmosa’s line! Overall I liked Charmosa’s show and feel like they can only improve from here.

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I really admire designer Jenesis LaForcarde of Woman’s Touch Apparel! She has created a relatable and novelty brand and I think she  has a bright future ahead of her. I really like that she adds a little extra accessory to each show (theses masks are to die for!) and I’m glad she broke out of her t-shirt shell and created clutches and skirts for the runway this year. Jenesis, still a newer Arizona brand, has already made a name for herself among the Phoenix Fashion Week community and I look forward to seeing her expand her brand even more!


Although I’m not typically the girl for screen prints, I can say I was impressed how far State Forty Eight has come from entering the designer bootcamp. I had the chance to talk with Michael Spangenberg, Nicholas and Stephen Polando, the men behind this noted Arizona brand,  and I’m excited to see what their future holds. They are smart business men and I look forward to see how else their brand expands.

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Two words… Tylor Leigh. This recent FIDM grad stole the show Thursday night with bold structure and wearable silhouettes. The construction of the pieces were perfectly executed and fit the models well. I’m excited to see what Tylor has in his next collection and am happy to see that a talented emerging designer like himself is from Arizona.

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Carol Wong, another FIDM grad rocked the runway- I loved the metallics, white and futuristic twist.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.58.04 AM

Thursday’s show closed out with Albert Andrada and all I can say is that I was that fur jacket in my closet NOW! It was a beautifully constructed line and it was a great benchmark for the emerging designers to see.

The rest of the Phoenix Fashion Week recaps will be posted soon!

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Photography by Moises Godoy, and Dan Tabar. Photos property of a la Milena blog. Please credit.


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