My Drugstore Beauty Secret

Since I moved to New York, a majority of my day-to-day life has changed. Even the simplest of things like transportation and grocery shopping are exceptionally different in the Big Apple, but one thing never seems to change, and that is where I buy my beauty products. I always stop by my neighborhood drugstore, such as Rite Aid, to pick up my hair, skin and body products. It’s convenient for my busy schedule, always affordable, and most importantly, they carry some of my favorite beauty brands such as Olay and Pantene.

I’ve talked about my love affair with Olay quite a few times on the blog this past year (read here and here) but besides my current journey to get achieve great skin, I’m also making sure my hair is in tiptop condition. I’m pretty adventurous with hair—I’ve been a wide range of colors (as you can see I’m currently rocking a rosy pink) but I make sure to use products that I know will add extra moisture and love to my fairly processed hair.

Beauty products can get expensive but I love that Rite Aid understands that and Rite Wellness+Beauty always offers great prices on P&G Hair Care, Skin and Body brands. This week, Buy One Get One 50% Off offer on P&G skin and bath products, and bundles of Pantene products will be a steal at $3.99!

If you’ve been following SAK for awhile now, you know I love myself a good deal. I believe that looking good and feeling good doesn’t have to break the bank, so make sure you visit your Rite Aid this week for their currently P&G offer! Xo




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