Modani Fashionable Living Room


Modani is a modern furniture store that specializes in contemporary and modern furniture, and their team approached me to share my top fashion picks for my Modani living room!

I love interior design (even considered it a career at one point), because it just like fashion- the littlest of details can make or break an outfit and it’s a way to showcase your own personal style and taste. So I’m going to share my top picks from Modani’s newest collection to share how I infuse my personal style into my dream living room. I like my living space fairly simplistic with clean lines, a few pop statement pieces and an overall calming and warm atmosphere. If you like the sofa I chose, check out Modani’s whole modern sofa collection!” I hope you enjoy!

I am a huge fan of the dark wood mixed with the silver accessories on the furniture – it is very modern, classic and can easily appeal to both sexes. I like the structure of the furniture and how minimalistic it all is but then I add my own “Simply Audree Kate” pop with funky mismatch throw pillows and a patterned rug. Modani is focusing on their modern sofas collection this month so click here to check it out!

Black Phantom Sofa


Lugano Library


Boden Floor Lamp


Caterina Glass Coffee Table caterina_glass_coffee_table_1

Caravaggio Oversized Mirror White


Lapsia Vase


Frontera Taupe Rug

Milo Pillow


 Dutta Pillow


Gabriela Pillow


Share your top living room picks or what makes your living special at @simplyaudreek, and I hope you have a happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.33.23 PM


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