January Thrift Haul: Hometown Edition – Prescott, Arizona

Thrifting has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I remember going to thrift and consignment stores with my mom to find outfits for special occasions such as family member’s weddings, halloween outfits, back-to-school shopping or just to simply add some new items to my closet. And then I would spend weekends with my dad scouting out garage sales and local antique stores.

I loved walking into a store not knowing what I would find that day, and part of the fun was the physical act of flipping through racks of clothing in a warehouse type building and walking away with bags of new treasures for under $20.

Throughout high school and college I started thrifting more because I wanted “new” clothes but could not afford to shop at the mall or drop hundreds of dollars on a seasonal trend. Thrifting was a way I could add new items to my closet, I could DIY items into matching the current trends and I wouldn’t spend that much money.

Today, thrifting is a main part of my personal brand and one of my favorite activities. When I was home in Arizona over the holiday, I spent a few days hitting up several thrift stores and did some serious damage!

We’re kicking off a new series here on Simply Audree Kate and I’ll be filming my monthly thrift hauls on IGTV, so enjoy and welcome to Thrifty Thursday!


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