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I believe when most people go through a significant change in their life, they have a specific routine they follow to deal with the situation. Maybe it’s buying a new outfit, taking a trip or, even journaling. For me though, I change my hair.

I’m not exactly sure why I’ll have a sudden urge to drastically transform my hair, maybe it’s my way of taking control of what’s happening in my life; but I love the excitement of starting a new chapter with a new look. I grew up watching my mom experiment with her hair – from blonde to red, from long to pixie cuts – it was always a new and fun adventure with her. I was lucky enough to have my mom, who owns her own salon, as a built-in hairstylist! We started with a few highlights when I was a freshman in college. Soon after, I was blonde, then variations of red for two years, back to brunette, and now I’m blonde again. Below you can see a little timeline of my hair:

As you read earlier this week, I’m beginning a new chapter in my life (read more here). I wanted to spice things up a bit and that’s when I met Juliet from Capelli D’oro Salon! After five years of having the same hairstylist, it has been an emotional and financial adjustment to find someone new haha. In November I went a pop-up salon and got a trim and some low-lights for maintenance, but this time I wanted my lob again and an entire new color.

I met Juliet via Instagram and we scheduled an appointment. We decided to take off some length, add layers and do balayage to lighten up the color. Unfornuately my hair didn’t look very blonde after the first session. As you can see below, my color looked fairly similar to the “before.” There were pretty highlights, but my hair naturally has a lot of copper tones, so to me personally, my hair didn’t look that much different.

But, Juliet was a total rockstar and let me come back the next morning to make me blonde! She put in more balayage and amped up the color. I am incredibly happy with the end result – it’s fun, playful and I’ve been wanting this transformation for awhile!

It was a personal lesson learned that I need to be more specific with what I exactly want, and also to have the confidence to speak up. I was so used to having a comfortable relationship with my mom and her almost “reading my mind” with what I wanted. As silly as it sounds, it was a growing experience. Overall, it was so fun changing my look for this new chapter in my life! I highly recommend Juliet and I loved working with her.

The biggest thank you agian to Juliet for her amazing work! If you’re interested in going to her for your next appointment, you will receive 20% off when you show this blog post and say I recommended you!!

Happy Wednesday, and I must admit, blondes do have more fun! xo












A huge thank you to Juliet and Capelli D’Oro for giving me a new do’!


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