Hello October! Summer was an interesting season for me. I talked a little bit about more it in this blog post, and I feel like I’m entering another new chapter in my life this season. With new business ventures, clients, new Team SAK members, and fun ongoing projects, I’m in a season of change and ready to reset.

Maybe you felt this way too, but summer zoomed by, I lost track of time, to-do lists and felt unmotivated. Maybe it was my crazy schedule, summer Fridays or the humidity (just kidding) but ahead Team SAK has 10 ways to hit the refresh button, dive into the fall season with your ‘A game’ and kick some serious butt! xo

Tip #1: Dress for Success

It’s so easy during summer to dress down your office attire. However, dressing down can put your mind elsewhere. For instance if you’re wearing flip flops to the office you might think about the beach rather than the report on your desk. Continue dressing for the position you want; it will keep your mind in the workplace.

Tip #2: Set Daily Goals

As you walk into the office (or for me a coffee shop) write down everything you need to do during your work day. Writing it down will allow you to visually see what you need to do. Also crossing items off your list will make you feel instantly better and motivated.

Tip #3: Plan Breaks

I understand better than anyone that a nice summer day is distracting. That’s why it’s always important to plan a break during your work day. For me that usually means running out and getting a quick lunch. This will allow you to see the sun, feel the summer heat and appreciate your office’s a/c.

Tip #4: Change Your Space

If you’re tired of looking at the same nick knacks, screensaver and photos in your office; it’s time to change your space. Changing the tiniest spaces can help you feel motivated during the summertime.

Tip #5: Have a Schedule

During the summer it’s easy to get off schedule. You start pushing back goals that you set for yourself and before you know it, it’s October. That’s why it’s important to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. I know for me I set things up on my Google/phone calendars and in a physical planner. This makes me see what I need to do and what I promised to do.

Tip #6: Treat Yo’ Self

Buy yourself an ice cream cone, do a face mask, write down your goals or take yourself on a date. One of the best tricks to stay motivated is a little me-time. Take time this season to reconnect with yourself; it will help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world full speed!

Tip #7: Work Buddy

One way to make sure you stay on schedule and motivated is to befriend someone at work. Having a work buddy means that you two can hold each other accountable. Also it’ll help the work day go by faster working with a like-minded individual. Just make sure you two don’t goof off!

Tip #8: Switch Up Your Schedule

Schedules are amazing but they can get redundant so make sure you switch things up every once in a while. To shake up your work week head to a happy hour or an event you were dying to go to. Don’t get caught in the same cycle of work, gym, dinner, bed everyday.

Tip #9: Make A Work Playlist

There’s nothing like some good tunes to help you through those busy days. Choosing something upbeat will help you stay motivated and may even help you work faster. I personally love the Morning Commute playlist on Spotify or my Indie Pop playlist.

Tip #10: Take a Vacation

This is my favorite tip of all time! Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t take a little time off. Going on a mini vacation, staycation or weekend trip to help you get away from the stress of work and help you feel reborn. A trip will help you reset, feel revived and ready to get back on schedule.



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