How to Decorate a Small Apartment for the Holidays

My mom had a strict rule that we would never decorate our house for Christmas before Thanksgiving, and we would always take all the decor down by January 1st. When I was growing up, our house would be covered wall to wall with decor, handmade crafts, an extensive nativity scene and homemade treats. Christmas is my favorite time of year and even in college I tried bringing a little festivity to our place. Now living in New York, sharing an apartment with two friends, and managing a small space, we debated holiday decor. We don’t have space to store a tree or decor in the off season, nor are we home that often to embrace everything.

Instead, we hung up some lights, added some decor here and there (thanks to Oriental Trading company) and called it a day! I selected a Christmas tree piñata as our tree / my birthday party piñata, a little “Be Merry” serving tray for our ottoman, and a ‘JOY’ light up sign for our bookcase. This was the perfect amount of decor to spruce up our space for the holiday but not seem overwhelming. Below I have listed six easy ways to decorate your small space on a budget—from decorating your living room plants as a tree, adding some twinkle lights around the space and buying/making a couple pieces that will be easy to store in the off-season. I also decorated my apartment last year with Oriental Trading and you can see that post (HERE)!

Hope you enjoy decorating your space for the holidays, and if you have any easy, budget-friendly ideas, let me know! xo

Here are 6 easy ways to decorate your small space on a budget!

Decorate Plants you already own as a Christmas Tree

My roommates and I have the cutest cactci collection and I can’t wait to decorate them! Grab some pom-poms, tinsel, and glitter from your local craft store and you’re ready to decorate!

Add Twinkle Lights to Mason Jars

This is an easy and budget friendly way to add some lights to your house or apartment this year.

DIY Wreath

Don’t have the funds to buy a new wreath? No worries! Wreaths are very easy to make at home! In the past years I’ve made ornament wreaths, paper wreaths and more. You can buy the items in bulk at a craft store and put them together in no time at all!

DIY Fire Place

If you don’t have a fireplace but are feeling a little creative make you own! It is simple to make a fireplace. You can use chalk and chalk paper or construction paper and curtains. Either way it’ll give you a cozy and warm feeling!

String Christmas Lights on the Walls on Ceiling

Take inspiration from Joyce in Stranger Things—Christmas lights strung across the ceiling is the perfect holiday decoration. Walking into your apartment after a long day to twinkling lights can really get you into the holiday season.

Bring out Holiday Inspired Throws and Pillows

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is hunting through Home Goods and other discount stores for holiday pillows and blankets. Adding a little red and plaid will easily give your place the holiday feel and still stay under budget.







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