Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Whether your main man has impeccable style or thinks socks and sandals are a great combo, dads are always the best style consultants. They always make sure we are fully aware that your dress is too short or ask, “are you sure you want to wear that?” sound familiar? Well if anyone is an all-star fashion critic in the family, it’s my dad. My parents have helped shape my fashion sense and most of all, always made sure I put my best foot forward. So in honor of Father’s Day, I teamed up with the my style consultant to show you two fun styles that both you and and your guy can wear:

Outfit 1: graphic tee, button up, cuffed jeans, flats/sperrys

Pair your favorite graphic tee with a button up and cuffed jeans a perfect casual day look. My favorite staple piece in a guy’s closet is a button up shirt- especially with rolled sleeve and a watch. So take my father’s fashion sense and copy this style for the a casual outing with the girls or your guy.


tee (Dad’s closet)/ button-up (My sister’s bf’s closet)/ pink corduroys (H&M)/ flats (Target) 

Outfit 2: button up, tie, skirt, flats

Who says girls can’t wear ties? Pair yours with a skirt and flats for a feminine appeal.DSC373DSC1371DSC1397DSC1387bbbDSC1391DSC380

shirt (thrift)/ skirt (Pac Sun)/ flats (Target)/ tie (Dad’s closet)

xoxo Audree Kate


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