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It’s finally summer (or Satan’s playground, however you want to refer to Phoenix, AZ) and its dawned on me that I am half-way done with college, almost at my 1 year anniversary with SAK, and lastly, I am finally doing what  I love and pursuing my dream career. One of the things I decided to do over Christmas break when I started blogging again was my idea for the 365 day challenge. If you’ve seen my closet, It’s over flowing with clothes and some that I rarely wear. This was a way for me to actually wear all my clothes, try new outfits and be able to show you guys how to piece together simple different outfits by using the same pieces in your closet without ever having to repeat the same outfit. Below are my top ten outfits from Spring Semester including some of my favorite pieces.

This outfit basically described my whole winter ensemble: colored skinny jeans, boots, chunky sweater and printed scarf
I loved my outfit I wore when I had my meeting at Teen Vogue during spring break. It was one of the first times I did the collared necklace with my top buttoned all the way up and now I fell in love. The masculine business outfit fashion is fun to change up with bright colors and overload of accessories.
The nautical boat neckline top is my go to blouse. I picked up at clothing exchange year ago and this year started actively wearing it. Navy blue is one of those colors that matches perfectly with most colors so my favorite is to pair it with pink, turquoise, red or green.
I love love love blazers, especially oversized boyfriend ones. I buy a majority of my blazers at thrift stores and I buy ones that are a few sizes too big (yes they are normally from the 80’s with shoulder pads) and they make the perfect boyfriend blazer. To keep your blazer casual, roll up the sleeves, pair with jeans and add in a scarf or chunky necklace. Its a great polished look but not over the top
I don’t care what people say, you can always wear combat boots and scarves. Maybe just because I’m so in love with them that I suffer through the 110 degree weather in summer but I challenge you to try it for a easy laid-back (with a little punk flair) look. Find a scarf of light material (ain’t nobody got time or enough neck space for those wool or knitted ones) and wrap them around to make an infinity type look
This outfit proclaims that I am indeed a weather confused individual. I love the concept of a chunky sweater with printed silk shorts and boots. Its one of those quirky outfits that just work!
Embrace your inner rocker and go thrift a old Harley Davidson or concert tee and cut off the sleeves and neckline and you have a super chic vintage tee to pair with high-waisted shorts, neon skinny belt and sneakers
Chambray tops were my new obsession in 2012 and even still in 2013. I found this sleeveless on at thrift store and it makes an excellent top to accessorize with scarfs and collared necklaces
I was in a rush one morning going to my internship and came about this outfit, and my definition of business mixed with pleasure. I took basic cuffed black skinny jeans that I made (great for casual fridays right?) and took this floral blouse and my favorite creme blazer and bam- my number 2 outfit of the school year
My favorite, dysfunctional and classy outfit is this one right here folks. I attended a promo party at Ted Baker for Latino Live a couple months back and took something somewhat new (my blazer and heels), something old (my HD tee from my dad’s closet) and something borrowed and something blue (my skirt).
What were your favorite outfits thus far? Comment below and let me know!
See you at 365 <3
Audree Kate


  1. June 11, 2013 / 3:46 pm

    Girl, you have such an eye for what looks good!

    • June 12, 2013 / 1:17 am

      Thank you! The best outfits are normally when I don’t even think about it haha.

      I hope you’re doing well!!

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