Getting Fit with Rose Fitness: Part 3


I’m a pretty big habit and routine person. I like doing my morning routine in the same order each morning, I walk around the grocery store in the same pattern, and once I put my mind into doing something, or forming a habit, it normally sticks. Since my day-to-day life can be a little hectic and my work schedule continuously changes, I like forming my own little routines for my personal sanity. As I have mentioned before in my previous work-out posts, HERE and HERE, my fitness routine was the first to go when life got busy in college. By not working out, I formed unhealthy eating habits, which led to weight gain and low self-esteem. It was a vicious cycle and honestly up until January, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to jump off the wheel and kick my butt into action.

The past 5 years whenever I toyed with the idea of fad diets or workout regimes, nothing ever stuck. I would do the routine for a few days, even a week and then find an excuse to quit because I was too busy or I didn’t automatically see miracle results. I was sick of the feeling like I couldn’t get out of my slump and unhealthy habits. In the past, I would do the “3-4 week challenge” of trying a new habit and it would normally help form the habit; I did this for washing my face each night, flossing or making my bed. By the end of 2016, I knew I was capable of sticking with a new fitness routine and decided to just try it out for a few weeks. In January I bought some cute athletic wear and hit the gym. I did a free training session at my gym to gage my fitness level and pick up a few new exercises. That helped build my confidence and I was going to the gym a couple times a week, I started meal prepping and I cut out unhealthy foods for the most part. I noticed a slow difference but I still felt like I was in this battle by myself. At the end of March, I teamed up with Rose Fitness for a workout program. I was intensely working out 5 days a week, tracking meals and keeping in touch with my trainer and founder of Rose Fitness, Jesse. My goal was to feel confident in a bathing suit for my yearly Vegas trip in May.

By the time my Vegas trip approached, I was down 2 pant sizes (4 sizes from when I moved to NYC), finally bought my first pair of denim shorts in 3 years, wore a bikini at the pool in confidence and was happy. These accomplishments might not mean anything to someone who has never struggled with weight problems, and even though I don’t look significantly different on the outside, I feel stronger, I feel healthy and I’m so much happier with myself than I was in December 2016. Every time I read a fitness transformation piece or would see friends/readers post their before/after pics – I never thought I would get even close to that point. I am only about 7 months into my fitness journey – 4 months of working with Rose Fitness – but I cannot wait to see what else I can accomplish. I am by no means done; I still have issues and qualms with certain parts of my body, but it’s a journey and I’m proud of the small steps I’ve taken in the past few months. What are your favorite fitness tricks, routines or meals you do to stay in shape? I’d love to hear from you! xo

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the Rose Fitness (you can train in-person or virtually, like I did) check out the program HERE. You can also learn about their 21 Day Challenge HERE!SimplyAudreeKate_6341

Progress Pics

#1: AUGUST 2016 – Down 10 pounds from 2015 and working out maybe once a week
#2: MARCH 2017 – First week of Rose Fitness
#3: APRIL 2017 – 3 weeks into Rose Fitness
#4: JULY 2017











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