Getting Fit with Rose Fitness: Part 2


I have officially hit one month of working with Rose Fitness and I’m loving it! Last week I talked more about the beginning of my fitness journey and why I decided to work with Rose Fitness – read more here. I have been consistently working out since January, which I feel like was a good starting point, but I have really noticed a difference in my overall fitness level and attitude towards this journey since working with my trainer Jesse.

My first week was an adjustment – I felt good after each workout but I also realized that I wasn’t in super great condition. I got the hang of it by my second week and I really enjoyed the workouts. By my third week, I increased weights, reps and starting noticing a difference in my body and fitness level. I also didn’t feel like an outsider in the gym, and I stopped caring what other people were doing or if they were watching me. This past week, my fourth week, was fairly hard for me though because I had an insanely busy work schedule. I had long days scheduled, which meant working out really early in the mornings, going into an office for my project, 2-3 events after work and then trying to juggle blog tasks at the end of the day around midnight. Even though I was fitting my gym time into my schedule, I just felt uninspired and dreaded my 5 a.m. alarm clock. This was exactly how I used to feel when I worked full-time in an office setting and it made me nervous that I was getting off track. But, on my second cardio day – my last workout of the week, I walked into the gym with a new mindset and instead of feeling stressed from my so-so week before, I was so proud of myself that I finished four weeks – 20 days – of this training program.

Although this might not seem like quite the milestone to most active gym-goers or fitness buffs, but this is a huge milestone for me to getting back to my “old” self. On my second cardio day, I surprised myself with the energy I had – I ran farther and faster than I have before, did more reps than I expected and walked out of the gym feeling 110%. This journey is a slow process. I have realized that it’s so much more important to build a healthy foundation versus looking for those quick fix tricks; and I’m perfectly okay with that because I feel better, look better, and I’m incredibly excited with each little milestone I accomplish!

I decided to bring in some expert advice for today’s blog post and ask Jesse some questions that I wondered at the beginning of the program, and hopefully they possibly answer some of yours too! Take a look below and make sure to follow Rose Fitness on Instagram for workout tips and routines.


What’s your #1 tip to getting in shape?

Follow a structured routine that is built for YOU. Don’t follow generic workouts or classes and expect optimum results.

What’s your #1 tip to eating healthy?

Track what you eat to some extent. Don’t have to be religious with it, but if you have a general idea of how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you consume you can make proper adjustments to reach your goals.

What’s the best way to stay consistent with a work-out routine when you have a busy schedule?

Have a planned program to follow so when you have time to fit in a workout, you don’t have to figure out what to do. Physically schedule workouts in your calendar.

Why is working with a trainer a good investment?

A good trainer should have you following a routine that best suits you rather than a generic one. They should give nutrition support, help set goals, track nutrition, and keep you accountable. They should take all the “guess work” out of fitness and nutrition.

What if you don’t have the money to spend on a trainer – what are good alternatives?

See if there’s a service you can offer a trainer in exchange for their services. (Blog posts, photography, social media marketing, referrals, all good ideas). If not, write out a balanced training routine for yourself that includes each muscle group. Research online a few exercises to include for each muscle group if you don’t know. Make sure you are not following this same routine for longer than a month without adjusting it. Download MyFitnessPal to help track what you eat. At the bare minimum, try to consume 1g of protein per pound that you weigh each day.

What are a few easy first steps or changes you can make when first starting a fitness journey?

1) Set specific goals with a timeline.

2) Track your progress with pictures and calculate body fat percentage every month.

3) Do 2-4 days a week of strength training in addition to any cardio you may do.

4) Do activities you like do you don’t hate the journey.

5) Get multiple opinions from trainers or qualified contacts you have on what type of routine and nutrition plan you should follow for your goals.

What are big food no-no’s you should stay away from if trying to lose weight/get fit?

SUGAR. This is the big killer…literally. Check labels and stay away from anything with more than 5g of sugar. Some sneaky ones that have a lot are yogurt, bars, juices, ketchup.

Any other advice?

Use your resources. Ask people for help that are qualified. Most trainers are willing to offer guidance or recommendations for free. Find friends who also take care of their bodies and health – we’ll typically adopt some qualities / habits of our closest relationships.







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