Friday Favorites: Weekend Trip Essentials


Happy Friday! I feel like it’s been a few weeks since I have done a Friday Favorites post, but I’m so excited to share today’s round-up: Weekend Trip Essentials! Tomorrow kicks off my summer travel season, and I’m itching with excitement! I am headed to Vancouver, BC for a short weekend trip with one of my close friends and we cannot wait to trade in the concrete jungle for some trees and new surroundings. It’ll be my first time in Canada, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Today’s Friday Favorites post is featuring 11 of my must-have essentials for a weekend trip. I try and pack light – clothing I can wear multiple ways, sneakers that are comfortable to walk in and a leather jacket that is light enough to move around in but can keep me warm in case it’s chilly. Take a look below and you can shop the pieces directly! What are your weekend trip essentials? I’d love to hear them so I can add a couple things to my list! Make sure to follow my Instagram feed and story to follow along my Vancouver trip and have a great weekend! xo



I normally opt for a backpack or a large tote to carry around with me during the weekend. I need maximum space to carry my camera, purse belongings, water and possibly an extra outfit for blog photos #BloggerProblems…


Weekender Bag

I like carrying a weekender bag because it’s easy to navigate through New York, the airport and you can quickly grab it and take with you while traveling. I’ve gone through a handful of weekender bags the past couple of years and I suggest opting for a durable fabric like leather or nylon, because cloth bags rip easily if you’re packing tight – like I always do.


Leather Jacket

As I mentioned above, I normally always travel with a leather jacket. I like that it’s compact enough to stuff in your bag, I layer it on in the airplane, and it’s useful if it’s chilly one day. I also know that a classic black leather jacket will match with whatever I pack and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


Passport Holder

Who wants to carry their passport by itself, or have a ‘meh’ case? Not me! I love putting my passport in a funky little unique case for traveling. It also makes for a nice Instagram!



Sunnies are always a must! I typically pack a pretty universal or matchy pair that I can wear each day of traveling.


Portable Phone Charger

I would be nothing without my portable charger. I am normally out of my hotel room for most of the day, so having a portable charger is a life saver when traveling!


Travel Skincare Products

I try to stick to my skincare regime while traveling, but with flying, new environments, etc., my skin can act up! I love the Glossier Super Bounce! It’s a Hyaluronic acid that plumps skin up with moisture and Vitamin B5, and gives you that “bounce” your skin needs after being depleted from traveling, blasting a/c on the plane, or one too many cocktails. I love putting this in my bag when I can’t bring all of my moisturizers or cremes.


Makeup Bag

I keep my makeup restricted to a small travel makeup bag to save space. I bring basic face makeup, blush, mascara and a funky lipstick to brighten up my look.



Need I say more? Traveling equals a lot of walking around and I definitely don’t want my feet to hurt day one, but you also don’t have to sacrifice your style for comfort. Pack a classic white sneaker that will be great with jeans, a summer dress or fun shorts. I’ve noticed that shoes are always my bulkiest item, so I try to limit to around two shoes, depending on the trip.



I started wearing full coverage headphones a couple of years ago while traveling and I’ll never go back to the skimpy ear plugs. One reason being I have really sensitive ears, so this helps my ears while flying, but also because they can be great noise cancelers. Most of the time I don’t even have music playing, but I use them so I can sleep!



My favorite type of books are business or self-help books; and maybe that sounds a little kooky, but these are great ways to do research or still “kind of” get work done while on vacation. I normally use long flights to answer emails or write blog posts, but I also like breaking up my time with reading! I just bought this book, “You Are a Badass” and I’ve heard great things, so I cannot wait to start reading it!



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  1. September 12, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    These are GREAT suggestions for weekend travel! I am a big weekend traveler myself! 🙂

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