Friday Favorites: My Favorite Vintage Finds


Happy Friday guys! This week has been all about thrift shopping, vintage treasures and how you can take something old and make it into something special and ‘new.’ 

On Tuesday, I teamed up with my favorite blogger bestie, Madisen from Madisen on Madison for a thrifting challenge, where we both thrifted a complete outfit for under $100 at Buffalo Exchange. Yesterday, I dove into my vintage story and talked about why thrifting and vintage has always been a huge part of my life, and  why I love celebrating National Thrift Day. That brings us to today, for our Friday Favorite’s segment on my favorite thrifted pieces! Each thrifted piece in my closet has a little story behind them, so you can see that below and then click through on the title to visit the original post. I hope you enjoy learning about my favorite vintage pieces! xo

My Ode to Prescott, Arizonasimplyaudreekate-samkelly_dsc5787-1.jpg

I picked up this fur trimmed suede a couple years ago at my favorite thrift shop in my hometown. It was in perfect condition and I got it for $2! One of my newest favorite thrifted finds was this ‘Prescott’ tee – it’s my hometown and was perfectly distressed and worn in. The shirt was originally from my local rodeo, which I also found at my favorite store, but I love having a little piece of home with me wherever I go!

The Editor’s Looksimplyaudreekate-samkellyf39307074-1.jpg

There are four main things that I always look for while thrifting – coats, graphic tees, dresses and blazers. Vintage blazers from the 80’s and 90’s have impeccable construction and fit, and the styles are so trendy now. When I started collecting them, the shoulder pads were dated and I looked like a walking billboard for thrift stores, but now big retailers are copying the styles I already own. This plaid blazer has shoulder pads (they’re back in style ya’ll!), a velvet collar and acrest on the pocket. It’s the perfect piece for fall.

Leopard in Sohosimplyaudreekate-samkellyf35696002-1.jpg

Ok, I’m going to say this about probably every piece in this post, but it’s one of my favorites! I got this jacket from my friend’s store – The Fashion Foundation and it’s my go-to jacket during the winter. I was always a little cautious about my fashion choices, especially my thrifted pieces in Arizona, but once I moved to NYC, I said screw it and embraced the crazy. This coat is basically a neutral in my winter wardrobe and I love that it’s oversized because it’s that. much. better.

A Little Fur and a Little Rock n’ Rollsimplyaudreekate-samkelly01082017-76.jpg

I was just about to move to New York when I adventured to Goodwill and found this black fur coat. It was in perfect condition and about $8. SCORE!

How to Wear Denim on Denimsimplyaudreekate-samkelly_dsc5393-1.jpg

I found this vintage Liz Claiborne denim dress at my go-to spot for 50 cents. It was a little dated at the time, but I fell in love how retro it was. Fast-forward to 2017 and I’m seeing these everywhere! Fashion really does rotate in circles!

Green Springaudree-look-two-0047.jpg

This skirt was one of the first vintage pieces I collected! I quickly realized that clothes from the 80’s/90’s fit my body really well because it wasn’t mass produced cheap fast-fashion stuff and the cuts complimented my curves. I instantly started gravitating towards vintage midi and pencil skirts, and have now collected a few drawers worth. They’re a great feminine touch to my wardrobe.

Happy 5 Years!sak-5-year.jpg

This floral blouse will forever be one of my favorites. It’s a silk boxy blouse that I picked up for a quarter and the first piece I styled for SAK. It has remained in mint condition and a classic piece that I can dress up or down. I also love these blue trousers and midi skirt that I also thrifted over 5 years ago for about 50 cents each.

Stop and Taste the Rosessimplyaudreekate-1102oct_c2a9jlphotography.jpg

I found this vintage Wrangler men’s jacket at L-Train vintage, one of my favorite stores in NYC and got it for around $20. It was the most I have spent on a thrifted piece (major difference of AZ vs. NYC prices) but it was a great investment. It was distressed but still in great condition and I wear it at least a few times a month.

The Vintage Floral Culottessimplyaudreekate-samkelly_dsc7200-11.jpg

One of my bolder pieces I’ve thrifted are these floral culottes. When I first picked them up, I thought I would cut them into shorts but I’m so glad I didn’t. I love that they’re oversized and so feminine and on-trend at the same time.

The Military Jacketsamkelly__dsc4125.jpg

This camo jacket is another L-Train find and it was about $8. If you’re looking for a classic army jacket, go to a military surplus store or check out your local thrift store. I liked that this one didn’t have any patches, and I’ve been able to style this jacket so many different ways the past year.

The Perfect Spring Trenchsam_kelly_dsc7475-1.jpg

This is a never-been-worn vintage London Fog blush pink trench that I got at my hometown store for $2. It was a major score and a complete fraction to the cost of one today. I have looking for similar coats online to see the cost difference and cannot find one!

Vintage Blazerdsc_0037

As I mentioned before, I love picking up vintage blazers while thrifting. This abstract printed blazer is a fun addition to my wardrobe and I can easily dress it up or down with a graphic tee and jeans.


Can someone say Clueless throwback? I love this vintage checkered blazer with funky gold buttons. It’s a classic piece in my fall wardrobe and it was only about $1.

Christmas Tartandsc_0749.jpg

My favorite thing about thrifting is that you never really know what you’ll find. I found this vintage tartan skirt a few years ago and thought it was perfect for the holiday season. It’s a lightweight cotton fabric with a high-waisted cinched waistband, and was only about 25 cents.

Rock ‘n’ Floralimg_7630.jpg

I have a thing for vintage floral midi skirts, can you tell? This one is seriously the cutest thing ever – it buttons all the way down the front and has belt loops for a belt of your choice. I got this skirt for about 50 cents around three years ago.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 5.59.03 PM.png


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