Feminine Fairytale

As Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, the perfect date outfit is in your closet. Whether you are having a girls night in drooling over Ryan Gosling movies or out with your sweet valentine, bring out your feminine, fairy-tale look with bright lipstick and voluminous hair. 

Fuschia Fever by Maybelline is my new favorite lip color for 2013. This bright pink color is a great compliment to almost all skin tones and is a fun alternative to classic red lips. I picked this color up at Wal-Mart and it’s become my go-to color when I’m feeling gutsy. 
You can never go wrong with big voluminous hair. Take 1/2 inch sections of you hair and curl – once finished  take hair at the crown of your scalp and tease. Tease sections around the top of your head until desired volume is reach. Smooth out unevenness with your comb. Hold the curls by spraying a good quality hairspray like CHI or Big Sexy. 
Add a little sparkle to your look by wrapping a double strand of sequins around your forehead and tie in the back. Take the extra strands in the back and braid into your hair (no need to use an elastic – this will just create extra dimension to the fairy-tale like hair. 

A sheer lace shirt and dainty gold jewelry is the perfect outfit combination for this romantic day

Thank you once again to Alejandra Vidal (Imaginale Design) for this awesome collaboration and check out the video she made from this photoshoot (She’s absolutely amazing isn’t she?!) 


Audree Kate


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