The Fashion Fundamentals Holiday 2020 collection is here!! I am beyond excited to launch our second FF collection and this time a curated mini capsule collection of two sweatshirts and we teamed up with two small women-owned businesses for custom Nike tie-dye socks and personalized stickers for your laptop, water bottle or work/school items!

In addition to the cozy capsule collection we restocked the face masks (dyed by Undone by Kate) and the fashion capital tote bags. Shop the collection below!

“The Cosmopolitan” Sweatshirt

Any Sex and the City fans? My favorite line from the show is “I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries and a cosmopolitan.” These sweatshirts are unisex sizing (small-large) and perfectly oversized.

“Per My Last Email” Sweatshirt

If 2020 were a sweatshirt. We’ve had to learn how to work virtually, had zoom meetings that could have been an email and the ever-so-passive aggressive line, “Per My Last Email” is my favorite. These sweatshirts are unisex sizing (small-large) and perfectly oversized.


Nike Socks by Walk Like Her

Stickers by Ilystrations

Autumn Collection Is on Sale!

Everything in the Autumn collection is on sale! We’ll be having a major Black Friday sale so you can grab your tie-dye tee, band tee, face mask, chains and tote for a limited time offer!

I am so proud of my team who helped me launch our second collection and thank you for shopping small this holiday season! Shop the collections here!


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