DIY skinny jeans and crop top

The DIY photo editorial is FINALLY posted about the skinny jeans and crop top! woohoo. This tutorial is super duper easy and does not take long at all

I needed some black skinny jeans for an event coming up this fall and the pair I own has zippers along the ankle (emo days anyone?) so I needed a quick fix ASAP. I had a pair of new Dickies from a previous job and decided to use these instead of throwing down some cash on new pants. With just some simple stitching and trimming, I had a pair of great fitting black skinnies.  If you are like me, I don’t wear flare leg anymore but still have so many pairs sitting in my closet- Upcylce people!! 
Next I had a romper that I purchased at Last Chance (consignment store) for $8 a year ago but never really wore it outside using it as a swimsuit cover up. I trimmed off the short part of the romper and left room for a trim. This was very easy as well and fits great with low waisted pants or over a body con skirt! Check out my tutorial on the facebook page (Also, if you haven’t like it yet.. DO IT.. NOW). Write feedback and if you have any suggestions for a lesson or DIY, help a sister out. Have a great week and keep posted
ALSO: (drum roll please) I caved and tried out the sock bun.. let me just say that it might possibly be my best friend now. I wear buns quite often and now they look so full and ballerina-ish
xoxo Audree Kate 

My new obsession: my silver side cross!
Bought this in New York and wear it almost everyday


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