Cleopatra Fashion Reinvention Photo Shoot ft. Brintha Gardner, Mrs. India America 2009

Mrs. Indo America Globe 2014 is just one of many characteristics of Brintha Jayapandian Gardner. In 2009 she was crowned Mrs. India America and this wife, mother, and beauty queen ambassador, hasn’t stopped making her mark in the local Arizona fashion and beauty scene. Recently Brintha teamed up with photographer Timothy Williams of TimmyChu Studios for a Cleopatra Fashion Reinvention photoshoot.

The photoshoot was in honor of Brandy Reed, Rockin Designs. Brandy was a local artist seeking to team up with Brintha for a traditional Cleopatra photo shoot but unfortunately she passed away before the collaboration.  Brintha’s husband, Brett Gardner, creatively built on Brandy’s idea and envisioned a photo shoot that represented the juxtaposition of Ancient Egypt meets the Modern Woman – The Modern Cleopatra Look. 

Brintha reached out to Business of Fashion at ASU, the fashion-based Arizona State University student organization I co-founded in August 2013, and wanted to inform our students about the opportunity to collaborate with her for the shoot! I had an absolutely wonderful time working with Brintha and learning more about her journey and the hard work that went into the photoshoot.

The stunning dress in the shoot is by Jean Fares Couture. This black sequin gown has been seen on the runway worn by TV personality Diana Madison and Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke. Brenda Smet, owner of PrettyDuzz, contributed a Madeleine Vintage choker necklace and Kimberely Noe,  She’s A Nerd Designs, did Brintha’s hair and makeup as well as handmade the fabulous headdresses seen in the shoot. 

Thank you Brintha and team for allowing me to help with the shoot and giving students of BOF at ASU the continuous opportunity to network with industry professionals like yourself and learn from hands-on experiences. Thank you!

Please check out the pictures below and share the love with the tagged team above!

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