Beachy Waves Tutorial with Hot Tools Bubble Wand

I have always been one to cyclically grow, chop and grow my hair out again over the years, but for the past year I decided to ditch my routine chop and embrace my long locks. I have experimented with hairstyles, hair tools and most recently, perfected my favorite beach wave.

My first curling iron was a Hot Tools Professional Marcel Iron, and last year I expanded my Hot Tools collection with their Bubble Wand. Needless to say, this wand completely changed my hair game. My waves are more voluptuous, they last longer, and this tool allows me to style in record time.

I decided to (finally) film a video on how I style my everyday beach waves, and linked the wand below! Check out my video, subscribe to my channel, and follow my Instagram! There’s more fashion, beauty, and hair content coming your way, and I don’t want you to miss out. Enjoy! xo


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