5 Tips for Mixing Prints

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you are fairly aware that I am a maximalist. I love prints, color and I strongly believe that animal print is a neutral. Today I teamed up with two amazing women in the industry who have inspired my personal style and know how to put together a killer outfit. Meet Jennifer Sattler of Closet Choreography, a personal stylist in California and Nicole Hinchman of Hinchology, an art teacher in New York!

Today on our blogs we are sharing how a personal stylist, a fashion stylist (me!) and art teacher have mastered the art of mixing prints. I’ll be sharing my five quick styling tips for helping you graduate from anti-print mixing to a print mixing queen. Make sure to check out Jennifer’s post on Closet Choreography, and Nicole’s post on Hinchology! xo

Pops of Prints

Let’s start with the basics, start with just a pop of prints. Add a printed shoe, handbag, colorful earring or even a muted/matching print with your outfit. Above I styled a black/white snake print trousers with my go-to “comfort-food” pieces of a graphic tee and leather jacket, and in the right image I layered a matching blazer over the snake print trench to cut the print a bit and keep the outfit flowing.

Use Animal Print, Floral and Stripes as a Neutral

I’ve said it before and I’ll scream it again. Animal print, floral and stripes can be used as a neutral. Though these prints are a loud statement, mixed together with a look they fall into a neutral state. Next time you’re putting together a look, try swapping out your solid print tee for an animal print or change your black shoe to a leopard print.

Monochromatic Colors

We’ve now graduated from the pop of prints and even incorporating the holy grails of prints (ie: animal print, floral and stripes), and now we’re dressing sunglass to shoe in prints. The easiest way to deep dive into all over prints is to stick within a color family. Play within a monochromatic scheme of prints, textures and silhouettes. This is one of my favorite ways to style prints on an elevated, chic level.

Play with Texture

When in doubt, add some texture. Mix leather, studs, silk and cotton for an interesting print outfit. My tip for when mixing texture, prints and color is to stick with one hero piece-the leather jacket, the sequin cardigan or striped dress and work off that item. The rest of your pieces and accessories will compliment that hero piece and somewhat match within that family.

Monochromatic Prints

Last but not least, play within a print family. I love stacking the same animal print together, stripes on stripes or bold florals with dainty floral patterns. This might seem chaotic at first, but once you have everything layered on, it cancels into a monochromatic, neutral-ish look.

Have fun mixing prints and make sure to check out Closet Choreography and Hinchology blog posts about mixing prints!


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