5 Healthy Habits to Try During the Holidays

I don’t know about you guys, but the weeks between Thanksgiving to the New Year always feel like insanity to me. I go into the holiday season thinking I’ll have some down time to relax, enjoy the holidays and check “out of office” on my inbox, but that is rarely the case. The past few weeks I launched The Simply Audree Kate Holiday Edit digital magazine (check it out here), I’ve been working on some really exciting styling projects and prepping for 2019 content and work projects.

From summer to fall to now the holiday season, the past few months seem like a blur, and it can be hard to mentally and physically prepare for the busy season. With the sudden change it’s easy to fall into a fall funk, but it’s important to continue your routine and pick-up on healthy habits for the season. And we get it—it’s not easy to try and upkeep a healthy routine when life seems chaotic, but a couple small changes can really make a difference in your energy and productivity. Keep reading for our favorite healthy tips and habits to try this season. xo

1. Stop Being So Available

All of us are trying to scramble and finish up work projects before the end of the year, there are a million and one holiday events and get-togethers, and a jam-packed social calendar. It’s nearly impossible to juggle everything, but one rule we live by when my schedule is full, is to “stop being so available.” Whether it be work, friends or family – take a step back. The holidays is the perfect time for some R&R. Delete your work email off your phone during family time and decline RSVP to a few social obligations to make sure you’re not stretched so thin.

2. Eat Seasonally

It’s not a shock that as the season changes so do our food options. As the weather gets colder we tend to go for junk and heavier foods. However, I urge you not to! Go to your local farmers market or grocery store and pick up some seasonal produce and goodies! Squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. these are all autumn options. Just make sure that you are getting plenty of fresh produce in your diet!

My best friend Gab from Gourmet Gab created this incredible Winter Comfort Food Meal Prep guide in the The Holiday Edit, so check it out here!  One of my favorite things to make in fall is a good soup. Just make sure when you make fall inspired recipes they’re not too heavy or unhealthy!

3. Stay Hydrated

Keeping up with the what you put in your body this season theme; make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. One of the main issues with fall and winter months is that we don’t tend to stay hydrated. We tend to opt for pumpkin spice lattes, chai lattes or warmer drinks to warm up our bodies. As yummy as those are make sure you’re balancing your PSL intake with a lot of water. Trust me your skin and organs will thank me.

4. Try a New Skincare Routine

Just like you revamp your closet from summer to fall you need to do the same thing with your skincare routine. The cooler temperatures and brisk winds are extra harsh on your skin. Your summer products aren’t going to cut it anymore. In fall/winter you need a heavier moisturizer (helps with dryness), to exfoliate once or twice a week (this helps get rid of dry patches) and a lip new moisturizer (find one with shea butter or beeswax; protects your lips from the elements.)

5. Workout

This one really is a no-brainer. As we enter these cooler months we can get a bit down. One way to battle the blues is working out! Working out releases endorphins and endorphins help you feel happier and more motivated. Also it’s easy to pack on a few pounds in the fall/winter months so an easy 10-minute workout routine or a weekly cycle class can help you combat this. Don’t let yourself slack this fall just because it’s cozier in your bed than outside.


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