365 Day Outfit Challenge Diary

Outfit 365: Dress (Foot Fetish Boutique), Jacket (thrift: Fossil), Wedges (Windsor), Necklace (H&M)

Outfit 364: Crop top (DIY dress to shirt: Kohl’s), Blazer (Ross), Skirt (Forever 21), Litas (Charlotte Russe), Necklace (H&M)

Outfit 363: Crop top (Forever 21), Blouse (thrift), Jeans (Dickies), Necklace (Allie Ollie), Watch (Michael Kors), Wedges (Windsor)

Outfit 362: Blouse (Ross), Cardigan (K-momo) Jeans (Pac Sun), Boots (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 361: sweater (thrift), jeans (American Eagle), scarf (Last Chance), Purse (Francesca’s), sunglasses (Dollar Tree), watch (Michael Kors)


Outfit 360: top (Ross), skirt (clothing swap), hat (Foot Fetish), heels (thrift), bracelets (charlotte russe and H&M)


Outfit 359: blouse (Beal’s outlet), necklace (birthday gift), jeans (H&M), watch (Michael Kors)

Merry Christmas!


Outfit 358: “Every Women Is A Rebel” tee (Forever 21), leggings (Ross), boots (Goodwill), necklace (Christina’s Boutique)


Outfit 357: dress (Buffalo Exchange), Litas (Charlotte Russe), clutch (Last Chance)

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.56.49 PM

Outfit 356: blazer (Ross), top (Tillys), jeans (American Eagle), boots (Charlotte Russe), necklace (Christina’s Boutique), bracelets (H&M, Charlotte Russe, Francesca’s)


Outfit 355: dress (amazon), leather jacket (Forever 21), Litas (Charlotte Russe),

A Golden 21st Birthday

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.53.08 PM

Outfit 354: crop top (Forever 21), skirt (Forever 21), necklace (Charming Charlies), Litas (Charlotte Russe), bangles (H&M),

A Golden Cocktail Hour for my 21st Birthday


Outfit 353: shirt (Ross), skirt (Forever 21)

Shop for a Cause at Rebecca Taylor Event

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.32.28 PM

Outfit 352: shirt (thrift), scarf (DIY), jeans (American Eagle), TOMS (Last Chance)


Outfit 351: dress (H&M), blazer (Ross), necklace (Charming Charlies), wedges (Winsor)

Birthday dinner date

Outfit 350: flannel (Costco), scarf (Christmas gift), hat (Buffalo Exchange), jeans (American Eagle), flats (Target), bangles (H&M)

Outfit 349:
shawl (thrift), cami (Walmart), leggings (Charlotte Russe), purse (Francesca’s), flats (Target), sunglasses (Ross)

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.15.34 PM

Outfit 348: blouse (Ross), jeans (Dickies), watch (Stein Mart), flats (Target)

Happy Birthday to my roommate from freshman year!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.17.06 PM

Outfit 347: tank (Forever 21), Cardigan (thrift), jeans (American Eagle), flats (Target), necklace (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 346: dress (Target), flats (Target), necklace (Charming Charlies)

Outfit 345: blouse (thrift), necklace (Buffalo Exchange), bracelet (Foot Fetish), jeans (H&M), shoes (Salvation Army)


Outfit 344: top (Kohl’s), pants (Ross), vest (Dillard’s), cuff (Goodwill), flats (Foot Fetish)


Outfit 343: dress (Ross), blazer (thrift), belt (thrift), Litas (Charlotte Russe),
purse (Last Chance)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.59.19 PM

Outfit 342: sweater (thrift),scarf (Last Chance), jacket (Old Navy), leggings (Charlotte Russe), boots (Goodwill), socks (Target), headband (Claire’s)


Outfit 341: sweater (thrift), scarf (Forever 21), jeans (H&M), boots (Goodwill)


Outfit 340: dress (Buffalo Exchange), necklace (H&M), heels (Foot Fetish), bangle (Rachel Zoe)


Outfit 339: top (thrift), blazer (Ross), skirt (Rue 21), tights (Target), boots (Goodwill), ugly sweater (thrift),

Business of Fashion at ASU’s Christmas Couture Event


Gourmet Gab and SAK’s Ugly Christmas Party- Check out our blog posts here and here


Outfit 338: peacoat (Burlington Coat Factory), blazer (Ross), Dress (Ross), necklace (Last Chance), flats (Target)


Outfit 337: dress (Goodwill), sweater (thrift), tights (Target), cuff (Goodwill), boots (Goodwill)


Outfit 336: sweater (thrift), scarf (thrift), jeans (American Eagle), flats (Target), bracelet (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 335: biker tee (my dad’s), blazer (Forever21), jeans (H&M), converse (Last Chance),

Katie Couric Challenge for Change filming on campus


Outfit 334: tank (forever 21), sweater (old navy), scarf (Last Chance), jeans (Dickies), boots (Goodwill)


Outfit 333: chambray top (Walmart), shawl (Cabi), necklace (beal’s outlet), jeans (H&M), boots (Ross)


Outfit 332: plaid shirt (thrift), sweater (thrift), jeans (American Eagle), gray boots (Goodwill), hat (Buffalo Exchange), necklace (Christina’s Boutique)


Outfit 331: sweater (thrift), scarf (Last Chance), tank (Forever 21), jeans (H&M), boots (Ross)


Outfit 330: sweater (thrift), vest (Buffalo Exchange), jeans (American Eagle), boots (Ross), bracelets (Charlotte Russe, Last Chance, H&M)


Outfit 329: blouse (Tillys), blazer (thrift), jeans (Dickies), flats (Target)


Outfit 328: dress (Ross), blazer (Ross), tights (Target), Litas (Charlotte Russe), purse (Last Chance), watch (Ross)

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 10.50.13 PM

Outfit 327: dress (Buffalo Exchange), shawl (Target), sandals (Charlotte Russe), pearls (Sam’s Club)


Outfit 326: sweater (thrift), leggings (thrift), boots (journeys)


Outfit 325: shirt (thrift), blazer (Ross), necklace (Last Chance), pants (Dickies), flats (Target)


Outfit 324: shirt (Ross), skirt (Maurices), necklace (Charlotte Russe), flats (Target), belt (Ross)


Outfit 323: shirt (Target), skirt (H&M), necklace (H&M), sandals (Last Chance)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.39.25 PM

Outfit 322: shirt (thrift), scarf (DIY), jeans (American Eagle)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.36.06 PM

Outfit 321: top (thrift), blazer (thrift), necklace (H&M), pants (uniquo), litas (Charlotte Russe), purse (Last Chance)

With designer Bri Seeley at her Trunk Show at Clothes Minded Boutique

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.58.59 PM

Outfit 320: top (boutique in Prescott), jeans (H&M), boots (Goodwill)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.32.20 PM

Outfit 319: dress (H&M), tank (H&M), boots (Ross), headband (Claires)

Hansel and Gretel- Fairytale Sorority  Social


Outfit 318: dress (H&M), vest (Banana Republic thrift), boots (goodwill)


Outfit 317: black tank (H&M), scarf (Last Chance), vest (Banana Republic thrift), jeans (Dickies)


Outfit 316: tee (ASOS), jeans (Ross), scarf (thrift), sandals (Charlotte Russe), bracelets (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 315: dress (Goodwill), shawl (Target), boots (Goodwill), belt (thrift)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.35.47 PM

Outfit 314: dress (Ross), blazer (thrift), booties (Steve Madden-Famous Footwear), necklace (Last Chance)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.29.51 PM

Outfit 313: dress (Buffalo Exchange), heels (Buffalo Exchange), earrings (H&M)


Outfit 312: tank (H&M), skirt (PacSun), bandana (thrift), boots (Forever 21)


Outfit 311: biker tee (my dad’s), blazer (Ross), leggings (Ross), boots (Goodwill), necklace (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 310: chambray tank (thrift), scarf (Last Chance), jeans (Sevens-Century21), sandals (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 309: dress (Ross), blazer (Forever 21), necklace (Rue 21), oxfords (Steve Madden-Ross)

Outfit 308: blouse, vest, leggings (Pink House Boutique), necklace (thrift), boots (Goodwill)

View More: http://imagesbyamber.pass.us/simplyaudreekate-friends

Outfit 307: dress, jacket and necklace (Pink House Boutique)

Photoshoot with Images by Amber for Pink House Boutique

View More: http://imagesbyamber.pass.us/simplyaudreekate-friends

Outfit 306: chambray blouse (Walmart), bejeweled neck collar (H&M), blazer (thrift), skirt (DIY handmade), flats (Target)

Scottsdale Polo Championship


Outfit 305: DIY t-rex costume (jacket: Goodwill/ felt: Michael’s Craft)


Outfit 304:top (Buffalo Exchange), shawl (Ross), jeans (dickies), necklace (DIY- Michael’s craft)

Happy Halloween!


Outfit 303: chambray top (Walmart), tank (H&M), skirt (Ross), boots (Goodwill), bracelet (Foot Fetish)


Outfit 302: chambray top (thrift), scarf (DIY), jeans (Dickies), boots (Goodwill)


Outfit 301: chambray tank (thrift), scarf (Last Chance), gray jeans (H&M),
shoes (Goodwill)

On Set for Angelic Magazine’s December photoshoot


Outfit 300: DAY top (thrift), blazer (Ross), necklace (H&M), jeans (H&M),
boots (Goodwill), sunglasses (dollar tree- what a bargain!)

Styling for Angelic Magazine November and December Photoshoots


NIGHT Outfit from day but blazer was substituted with vest (Banana Republic thrift) for a concert

Remember Alex from Radical Something? Check out Outfit 65


Outfit 299: dress (H&M), shawl (Ross), necklace (Last Chance)

View More: http://imagesbyamber.pass.us/audree-arsena

Outfit 298: shirt (H&M), chambray (Forever 21), jeans (Sevens- Century21), boots (Journeys), scarf (Forever 21), bracelets (H&M and Charlotte Russe), earrings (Goodwill)

View More: http://imagesbyamber.pass.us/audree-arsena

Outfit 297: dress (H&M), scarf (NYC), boots (Goodwill)

The Business of Fahion at ASU’s Halloween Event: The Haute Project


Outfit 296: tank (H&M), scarf (last chance), jeans (dickies), sandals (last chance), earrings (Goodwill)


Outfit 295: chambray shirt (thrift), dress (clothing swap), sandals (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 294: dress (Buffalo Exchange), belt (thrift), sandals (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 293: chambray shirt (Walmart), scarf (Last Chance), jeans (American Eagle), sandals (Charlotte Russe), purse (Target), Sunglasses (Ross)


Outfit 292: vest (Banana Republic thrift), shorts (Brandy Melville), converse (journeys)

ASU Homecoming Game

Outfit 291: tank (Tillys), bandeau (Brandy Melville), necklace (H&M), jeans (H&M), boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 290: tank (Winnie & Kat), scarf (Last chance), gray jeans (H&M), sandals (Last Chance), watch (Stein Mart)


Outfit 289: chambray tank (thrift), scarf (Goodwill), jeans (Sevens-Century21), moccasins (Minnetonka- Last Chance), bracelet (Foot Fetish)

Outfit 288: dress (clothing swap), converse (Journeys)


Outfit 287: tank (H&M), pants (TJ MAXX), flats (Target), necklaces (H&M)


Outfit 286: shirt (Burlington Coat Factory), jeans (American Eagle), converse (Journeys)

Outfit 285: sweater (borrowed from a friend), shorts (Pitaya), necklace (H&M), boots (Goodwill), sunglasses (Big Lots), rings (H&M)

Santa Monica for Fall Break

Outfit 284: vest (Banana Republic thrift), blouse (uniquo), gray jeans (H&M), boots (goodwill), necklace (Forever 21)

Outfit 283: blouse (Tillys), blazer (Forever 21), pants (Dickies), Litas (Charlotte Russe), watch (Stein Mart)

Outfit 282: tank (Forever 21), chambray button up (thrift), skirt (Windsor), sandals (Sears), headband (Claire’s), earrings (Target)

Outfit 281: shirt (thrift), jeans (H&M), shoes (thrift), necklace (H&M)

Outfit 280: shirt (hand-me-down from a friend), scarf (Rue 21), jeans (American Eagle), moccasins (Minnetonka- Last Chance), sunglasses (Buffalo Exchange)

Outfit 279: dress (Windsor), pearls (Sam’s Club), headband (Claire’s), wedges (Windsor)

Sigma Kappa Great Gatsby Date Party


Outfit 278: dress (Windsor), necklace (H&M), clutch (thrift), litas (Charlotte Russe),

Phoenix Fashion Night 3

Outfit 277: dress (Ross), clutch (thrift), heels (thrift)

Rebecca Taylor at her trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue

Outfit 276: dress (Ross), Litas (Charlotte Russe), necklace (Charlotte Russe)
cuff (Goodwill)

Phoenix Fashion Week Night 1

Outfit 275: dress (Buffalo Exchange), Litas (Charlotte Russe), belt (Ross)

Arie from Bachelorette season 8 at PHXFW Fashionably Pink Show

Outfit 274: blouse (Tillys), blazer (Forever 21), jeans (Dickies), booties (Steve Madden-Famous Footwear), pearls (Sam’s Club), rings (H&M)

Outfit 273: Nautical tee (thrift), jeans (Sevens- Century21), flats (Target), belt (thrift), bag (Target), necklace (thrift)

Outfit 272: dress (Ross), belt (Ross), booties (Steve Madden- Famous Footwear)

Outfit 271: jersey (Walmart), jeans (H&M), converse (Journey’s), earrings (Target)


Outfit 270: button up dress (H&M), shawl (Target), scarf (DIY), moccasins (Minnetonka- Last Chance)

Outfit 269: dress (H&M), blazer (thrift), heels (Foot Fetish)

Outfit 268: shirt (Foot Fetish), pants (Dickies)

Outfit 267: tank (forever 21), blazer (Forever 21), skirt (Ross), flats (Target)

Outfit 266: blouse (Ross), jeans (American Eagle), loafers (H&M), purse (Jessica Simpson-Last Chance)

Outfit 265: shorts (Levis), headband (Here On The Corner), sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 264: top (H&M), bottoms (Target), headband (Target), Sunglasses (Ross)

Outfit 263: crop top (thrift), shorts (Pitaya), shawl (Target), sandals (Last Chance), necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 262: dress (Ross), necklace (Charlotte Russe), heels (Ross)

Outfit 261: dress (Ross), necklace (Last Chance), boots (thrift)

Outfit 260: dress (Ross), flats (Target), bracelet (Foot Fetish)

Outfit 259: vest (Banana Republic thrift), tank (forever 21), scarf (DIY), sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 258: nautical tee (thrift), scarf (Last Chance), shorts (Levis), shoes (thrift)

Outfit 257: shirt (Target), scarf (thrift), skirt (PacSun), purse (Target), sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 256: Sorry for all the D-back jersey posts xoxo

Outfit 255: shirt (Tillys), shorts (thrift), necklace (thrift), flats (Target)

Outfit 254: dress (Ross), necklace (Buffalo Exchange), bracelet (Foot Fetish), flats (Target)

Outfit 253: dress (H&M), necklace (JCP), boots (Ross)

Outfit 252: shirt (thrift), shawl (Target), jeans (H&M), boots (Ross)

Outfit 251: dress (Target), shawl (Target), watch (Betsey Johnson)

Outfit 250: dress (thrift: Target), scarf (last chance), boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 249: tank (Forever 21), shawl (Cabi), jeans (Sevens: Century21), necklace (Forever 21), sandals (Target)

Outfit 248: dress (H&M), necklace (Allie Ollie), sandals (Steve Madden)

Outfit 247: crop top (Nordstrom Rack), skirt (Forever 21), chambray (Calvin Klein), boots (Goodwill), watch (Stein Mart)

Outfit 246: shorts (Levis), converse (Jouneys), sunglasses (Big Lots)

Outfit 245: dress (Charlotte Russe), heels (Vince Camuto- Last Chance), necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 244: pants (Dickies), wedges (Windsor), bracelets (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 243: shorts (Q), flats (Target)

Outfit 242: pants (American Eagle), sandals (Steve Madden), bow (Last Chance)

Outfit 241: blouse (Ross), pants (Dickies), necklace (Charming Charlies), flats (Ross)

Outfit 240: dress (H&M), belt (Rue 21), wedges (Windsor), bangles (H&M)

Outfit 239: crop top (Rue 21), skirt (Charlotte Russe), flats (Target)

Outfit 238: shirt (Tillys), shorts (Levis)

Outfit 237: blouse (thrift), shorts (Pitaya)

Outfit 236: dress (Charlotte Russe), sandals (Last Chance), necklace (Charlotte Russe), bracelet (Foot Fetish)

Outfit 235: shorts (Q), shoes (thrift)

Outfit 234: shorts (DIY thrift), sandals (Ross)

Outfit 233: Leotard (Forever 21), Blazer (Ross), Skirt (Maurices), Belt (Ross), Wedges (Windsor)

Outfit 232: crop top (a friend’s), skirt (PacSun), flats (Target)

Outfit 231: dress (H&M), Necklace (Thrift), Sandals (Windsor)

Outfit 230: onsie (Women’s Touch Apparel), skirt (borrowed), hat (Medium Apparel), boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 229: Green&White striped tank (Charlotte Russe), shorts (DIY thrift), nude flats (target), Sunglasses (Ross)

Outfit 228: shirt (thrift), blazer (Forever 21), jeans (Dickies), wedges (Winsor), necklace (Buffalo Exchange)

Outfit 227: shirt (Thoroughbred Original), shorts (DIY), TOMS (Last Chance)

Outfit 226: shirt (Target), skirt (DIY), shoes (thrift), necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 225: crop top (DIY Ross), skirt (Charlotte Russe), scarf (my mom’s), sandals (Rue 21)

Outfit 224: leotard (Forever 21), skirt (PacSun), Vest (Banana Republic thrift), Converse (Journey’s), purse (Target)

Outfit 223: crop (Women’s Touch Apparel), shorts (thrift), converse (Last Chance), Snapback (Medium Apparel)

Outfit 222: shirt (oh so dope), shorts (thrift), boots (thrift)

Outfit 221: tank (Forever 21), scarf (NYC), jeans (Dickies)

Outfit 220: dress (Target), belt (thrift), Mary-Jane Flats (Urban Outfitters)


Outfit 219: top (Ross), jeans (Dickies), headband (my mom’s), necklace (Forever 21), sandals (Ross)

Outfit 218: dress (H&M), scarf (NYC), Mary-Jane flats (Urban Outfitters)

Outfit 217: shirt (H&M), Necklace (Buffalo Exchange), skirt (thrift), flats (target)

Outfit 216: tank (Forever 21), cardigan (Tuesday’s Morning), skirt (thrift),
heels (Foot Fetish), watch (Michael Kors)

Outfit 215: tank (forever 21), vest (Banana Republic thrift), shorts (Buffalo Exchange), flats (Target)

Outfit 214: dress (Charlotte Russe), Jean Jacket (thrift), bandana (thrift), sandals (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 213: shirt (thrift), skirt (PacSun), boots (thrift), Necklace (PacSun)

Outfit 212: dress (Buffalo Exchange), nude flats (Target)

Outfit 211: dress (target), necklace (Allie Ollie), Shoes (Steve Madden- Famous Footwear)

Outfit 210: Dress (Target), Flats (Target)

Outfit 209: tank (forever 21), scarf (Last Chance), skirt (Charlotte Russe), bracelet (Foot Fetish), sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 208: tank (thrift), scarf (Forever 21), jeans (Dickies), sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 207: shorts (DIY), blouse (thrift), floral headband (DIY), feather necklace (Rue 21), converse (Journey’s)

70’s night at the D-backs Game

Outfit 206: dress (Kohl’s), cardigan (Charlotte Russe), flats (Target)

Outfit 205: shirt (thrift), skirt (PacSun), boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 204: shirt (H&M DIY sleeveless), jeans (H&M), boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 203: dress (Rue 21), vest (Banana Republic thrift), Boots (My Sister’s Closet), Necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 202: tank (Forever 21), scarf (H&M), pants (H&M), sandals (Ross), belt (thrift), watch (Michael Kors)

Outfit 201: blouse (Forever 21), skirt (PacSun), heels (My Sister’s Closet Consignment), necklace (H&M)

Outfit 200: Nautical dress (Ross), Fedora (PacSun), Boots (thrift)

Outfit 199: shirt (thrift), pants (H&M), flats (Target), necklace (JCP), watch (Last Chance)

Outfit 198: shirt (Target), skirt (Charlotte Russe), bandana (thrift, )necklace (thrift)

Outfit 197: blouse (thrift), jeans (Dickies), sandals (Charlotte Russe), necklace (Last Chance), watch (fossil: Buckle), rings (H&M and craft fair)


Outfit 196: dress (Ross), shoes (Steve Madden- Famous Footwear), necklace (Allie Ollie)

Outfit 195: shirt (thrift), skirt (DIY dress turned skirt: Rue 21), shoes (thrift)


Outfit 194:

Outfit 193: blouse (thrift), vest (Banana Republic thrift), jeans (dickies), sandals (Rue 21)

Outfit 192: Dress (Forever 21), Wedges (Forever 21)
Phoenix Fashion Week’s Model Announcement

Outfit 191: jean vest (Banana Republic thrift), black jeans (dickies), scarf (DIY bandeau from 4th of July)


Outfit 190: top (PacSun), Shorts (Thrift), Converse (Journeys), Bandana (thrift), necklace (H&M)


Outfit 189: chambray tank (thrift), skirt (PacSun), Fedora (sisters), belt (thrift)


Outfit 188: blouse (thrift), shorts (thrift), belt (hand-mep-down), flats (target), cuff (Goodwill)

Outfit 187: dress (buffalo exchange), vest (thrifted Banana Republic)

Outfit 186: dress (mom’s closet)

Outfit 185 DIY- Happy Fourth of July! bandeau (1yd fabric tied in a bow and edges tucked under), skirt (handmade:  DIY tutorial), boots (Goodwill), belt (my mom’s)

Outfit 184: tank (H&M), shorts (cut off thrift), converse (journeys)

Outift 183: tank and scarf (H&M), shorts (hand-me-down from my mom), converse (Journeys)

Outfit 182: blouse (Uniquo), jeans (H&M), flats (target), necklace (secondhand)

Outfit 181: tank (Forever 21), button up (thrift), jeans (H&M), flats (target)

Outfit 180: chambray blouse (thrift), maxi skirt (Charlotte Russe), red sandals (Rue 21), necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 179: shirt (Dad’s closet), shorts (hand-me-downs from my mom), converse (Journeys), gold belt (thrift),

Concert night and what better way than a cut up rocker tee and vintage shorts


Outfit 178: tank (H&M), H/L skirt (Charlotte Russe), flats (target), bracelet (Foot Fetish)


Outfit 177: blazer (Charlotte Russe), white shirt (clothing swap), shorts (forever 21), flats (target), belt (target)

Outfit 176:shirt (H&M), skinny jeans (DIY dickies), sandals (Steve Madden), necklace (Rue 21)

Outfit 175:dress (sister’s closet), teal bubble necklace (Rue 21), flats (target)

Outfit 174: dress (my sister’s closet), wedges (target)


Outfit 173: Stars Wars day today at work!

photo (2)

Outfit 172: Maxi (Charlotte Russe), black tank (thrift), gladiators (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 171:friday

Outfit 170: rose pink button up (forever 21), black skinnies (dickies), flats (Target), bracelets (Charlotte Russe)


Outfit 169: green striped tank (Charlotte Russe), Cut offs (thrift), sandals (Sears), woven belt (thrift), necklace (my sister’s closet)

I love earthy tones mixed with bright summer colors like red, turquoise and even gold


Outfit 168: Pink crop top (my sister’s), chevron skirt (Charlotte Russe), Flats (Target)

Outfit 167: striped crop top (my mom’s), maxi (Charlotte Russe), sandals (Steve Madden), Sunglasses (Ross)

A flowy crop top and a maxi are a great combo for running errands or a chill day outfit. It’s super comfy and still chic!

photo (46)

Outfit 166: button up (thrift), tie (dad’s), skirt (Pac Sun), flats (Target)

Happy Father’s Day!


Outfit 165: shirt (dad’s closet), button up (sister bf’s closet), skinnies (H&M), flats (target)


Outfit 164: crop top (thrift), skirt (maurices), blazer (charlotte russe), heels (ross)

Tonight was Phoenix Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer Challenge Press Conference.

photo (45)

Outfit 163: Maxi (Charlotte Russe), sandals (last chance), studded bracelet (Charlotte Russe)

I’ve been on a mad hunt for the past year to find a maxi I actually like and is flattering. I found this for $24 at Charlotte Russe yesterday and fell in love- the prints are very summery and the back is exposed with cutouts!


Outfit 162: floral dress (Charlotte Russe), shawl (Target), sandals (Famous Footwear)

When running around town in the summer, a dress is the easiet- keeps your cool and looks nice. I covered it with a shawl to add a little something to the outfit


Outfit 161: dress (Target), sandals (Steve Madden- Famous Footwear), earrings (target)


Outfit 160: white tank (Walmart), yellow scarf (hand-me-down from my sister), jeans (H&M), sandals (steve madden from Famous Footwear)

A white tee, jeans, scarf and a sock bun is one of the easiest, fastest and comfiest outfits! It was Girls’ Night In watching the Bachelorette tonight with the ladies


Outfit 159: Mug shot tee (Thoroughbred Clothing), Striped skirt (Rue 21), Converse (Journeys), Sleeveless chambray (thrift)

Check out my post of Your Not So Boyfriend Tee featuring Thoroughbred Clothing

Outfit 158: H-L dress (Pitaya), nude wedges (Last Chance- Steve Madden), light pink belt (thrift), pink bracelet (H&M)

I won “tweet seats” for Love, Loss and What I Wore tonight and was so excited to take my sister with! Don’t you love her top?!


Outfit 157: dress (Forever 21), blue belt (thrift), nude flats (target), coral over-sized clutch (Avon)


Outfit 156: purple tank (Ross), floral scarf (street vendor in NYC), black skinnies (DIY), white sandals (charlotte russe)


Outfit 155: heart dress (Forever 21), vest (consignment-banana republic), combat boots

So excited to see Miss Sam for a couple days We had so much fun at The Maine and Rocket to the Moon concert!

photo (26)

Outfit 154: dress (Rue 21), striped chambray top (thrift), combat boots (goodwill), owl necklace (consignment)

photo (25)

Outfit 153: necklace (Allie Ollie), shawl (target), red jeans (Ross), cami (F21), sandals (charlotte russe)

Outfit 152:black peplum top (F21), shorts (F21), teal necklace (Rue 21), combat boots (Goodwill)

I helped Rochelle York today with a fashion show for Allie Ollie- so much fun!

photo (24)

Outfit 151: sheer crop top (borrowed from a friend), skinnies (DIY Dickies), teal bracelet (foot fetish), black sandals (charlotte russe)

photo (23)

Outfit 150: purple dress (target), Chambray blouse (thrift), belt (target) flats (target), lace turban headband (target),orange clutch (target)

didn’t even plan it and basically my entire outfit was from Target- funny how that works right?

Outfit 149:crocheted top (friend’s)coral skirt (Nordstrom’s Rack)teal wedges (target)jean vest (consignment- banana republic)Today I did a promotional shoot for Yasmin Sarai with the help of Alejandra Vidal

Outfit 148: heart printed dress (Ross),vest (H&M),necklace (Charlotte Russe), black gladiator sandals (Charlotte Russe)

Outfit 147:Happy Memorial Day!vest (thrift), creme lace dress (Rue 21), combat boots (Goodwill)

Outift 146: crocheted top (my friend Laila, pictured to the left), black bandeau shorts (DIY thrift), combat boots (Goodwill)

Outfit 145: Pink flowy top (consignment), shorts (DIY), sneakers (thrift), scarf (Last Chance), Gold bracelet (foot fetish)

Outfit 144: tank (my sister’s closet consignment store), skinnies (DIY dickies), sandals (Last chance)

Outfit 143: chambray sleeveless top (thrift), printed skirt (ross), beaded necklace (Rue 21), flats (target)

Outfit 142: tribal print shawl (thrift), creme tank top (H&M), shorts (DIY), combat boots (Goodwill), necklaces (bday gift and Michaels)

Outfit 141: nautical tee (thrift), blazer (forever 21), black skinnies (DIY), nude flats (target), necklace (gift)

Outfit 140: dress (last chance), shawl (target), boots (goodwill)

Outfit 139: Nautical tee (thrift), Mint scarf (walmart), Black skinnies (DIY dickies), converse (Journeys)

Outfit 138: Worked another model casting call and this sheer maxi was great for running around and not getting too hot. tank (H&M), maxi (friend’s from F21), sandals (Last Chance), Purse (bday present from CJ Banks)

Outfit 137: elvis tee (clothing swap), shorts (DIY thrift), belt (thrift) converse

Outfit 136: biker tee (dad’s closet), blazer (charlotte russe), shorts (DIY), cross necklace (Michaels), flats (target)

Outfit 135: dress (Rue 21), converse (Journeys),

My summer go to is a sundress and boots/sneakers!

Outfit 134: tank (walmart), scarf (street vendor in NYC), shorts (buffalo exchange), bracelet (foot fetish), sandals (charlotte russe)

Outfit 133: blouse (thrift), shorts (DIY), sandals (Rue 21), purse (target), sunglasses (ross)

Outfit 132: Happy Mother’s Day!tank (Walmart), cut off shorts (DIY from mom’s closet), Converse (Journeys)

Outfit 131: Blouse (from a friend), Tank (H&M), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Sandals (Rue 21), Bracelet (Foot Fetish), Sun Glasses (Big Lots)

Outfit 130: Blue tank (from a friend), Black skinny jeans (DIY dickies), Scarf (Last Chance), Fedora (Pac Sun), Nude Flats (Target)

Outfit 129: aztec printed dress (pacsun),chambray blouse (thrift), moccasins (last chance), necklace (last chance) 

Outfit 128:crop top (Rue 21), cut offs (DIY), converse (Journeys), pink belt (Target), cuff (Charming Charlies)

Outfit 127: Sleeveless Chambray tank (thrift), Gold chained necklace (thrift), Black skinny jeans (DIY dickies), Wedges (Target $9)

And with that, I finished my sophomore year of college! It’s been a great run. Tonight’s theme was apparently blue tops, skinny jeans, wedges and chunky necklaces!

Outfit 126: H-L dress (Pitaya), scarf (walmart), nude flats (Target), Cuff (Buffalo Exchange)

Outfit 125: Tank (H&M), Jean cutoffs (DIY thrift), Leather belt (thrift), Floral scarf (Mom’s closet), Printed sunglasses (Buffalo Exchange), Sandals (Rue 21)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I incorporated a floral scarf with red lips and a simple outfit for my holiday outfit. during the summer do a top bun and tie a big scarf around it for a easy up-do

Outfit 124:Every fiesta needs a sombrero and a pinata right?striped leotard (F21)Shorts (thrift)pink belt (target)sandals (Charlotte Russe)

photo (20)

Outfit 123:blouse (thrift)blue shorts (F21)Belt (thrift)Boat shoes (Salvation Army)

Outfit 122: Striped Chambray button up (thrift), Black tank (H&M), Blue shorts (Forever 21), White Sandals (Ross)

An opened button up with silk shorts make for good transition outfit from day with the chambray to going out with just the tank, shorts and by letting down your wavy hair from your top bun.

Outfit 121: Biker tee (Dad’s closet), Black fur vest (Dillard’s), Red shorts (Forever 21), Converse (Last Chance)

Fur vests aren’t just for winter anymore. Pair yours with a tank top and make the perfect rocker look for the next concert you attend

Outfit 120: Teal tank (Mom’s closet), Ombre maxi (DIY from a maxi dress from Ross), Sandals (Last Chance)

Outfit 119: Sleeveless Chambray top (thrift), Mustard shorts (Pitaya), Nude Flats (Target), Printed infinity scarf (Last Chance), Turquoise bracelet (Foot Fetish)

All of my favorites are mixed into this one outfit- Mustard, Chambray, scarves and turquoise!

Outfit 118: Striped tee (thrift), Jean short cutoffs (DIY from thrift), White sandals (Ross), Leopard belt (thrift)

Pair an oversized tee with cutoff jeans and a bold belt for a good summer look! It’s easy for on the go and not too suffocating.

Outfit 117: Floral blouse (thrift), Creme blazer (Forever 21), Black skinnies (DIY dickie work pants), Nude flats (Target), Teal beaded necklace (Rue 21)

I wore this for a modeling casting call I was working. It was a good mix between casual, comfy and professional. Balance out a printed top and bright necklace with muted and neutral pieces.

Outfit 116: Floral dress (Ross), Jean Vest (thrift), Green sneakers (Walmart $2), Braided leather headband (Claire’s)

It’s officially summer and bring out your inner flower child with a floral dress, jean vest and hippie band; and this season don’t be afraid to rock sneakers with your dress

Outfit 115: Coral dress (Buffalo Exchange), Nude Mary-Jane stilettos (PHX clothing swap), Gold bangle (Jewelry Mint), Pendant earrings (Charlotte Russe)

Tonight was my sorority’s spring formal and I found this dress for $24. It is a great color for the season and the peplum is flattering on every body type

Outfit 114: Gray flowy tank (K-mart $3), High waisted jean shorts (thrift), Yellow lace bandeau bra (PacSun), Sneakers (Walmart), Leather belt (thrift)

As you an see, this whole outfit cost under $10. There is never a need to spend a lot on an outfit. Have fun shopping and don’t be afraid to look in places you normally wouldn’t.

Outfit 113: Pink sheer tank top (borrowed from a friend), Ripped jean capris (Charlotte Russe), White sandals (Charlotte Russe), Turquoise cross pendant (Michael’s)

A sheer flowy top and ripped jeans balance out each other. Slap on a chunky pendant and you have a complete outfit

Outfit 112: Studded blue tunic dress (PHX clothing swap), Nude flats (Target), Fedora (Pac Sun)

I love fedoras for summer! They keep the sun out of your face and look great with summer dresses when you’re on the run

Outfit 111:
Phoenix Clothing Swap was today! Check out the post about PHX Co-Op and about the Guest Amir Saebi

Outfit 110: Jean-tie crop top (thrift), Tribal shorts (Pitaya), Red sandals (Rue 21)

Pairing a crop top and high waisted shorts make a good summer outfit without making it look “too scandalous”

Outfit 109: Floral tank top (Ross), Jean vest (thrift), Red skinny jeans (Ross), Jean sneakers (Goodwill), Brown leather purse (Target)

Embrace your inner cali girl with sneakers, jean vest and cuffed skinny jeans

Outfit 108: Gray v-neck (2nd hand from a friend), Skinny jeans (H&M), Jean sneakers (Goodwill), Floral scarf (Forever 21), Turquoise cuff (Buffalo Exchange)

Pair an oversized scarf with a top knot bun for a fabulous comfy and polished look

Outfit 107: Striped Chambray button up (thrift), Gold Skinny Jeans (Century 21), White Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Floral Scarf (my mom’s closet)

Mix prints, patterns and colors when they are in small doses (floral) or against solids (shirt and pants)

Outfit 106: Blue and white polka dot dress with coral bow (Buffalo Exchange <H&M>), Nude Vince Camuto (Last Chance)

A simple wrap dress with a contrast bow is perfect for a nice dinner. A closed toe nude heel transitions perfectly from the office to play. Invest in a nice leather pair that don’t hurt your feet too much after a long day

Outfit 105: Black tank (H&M), Striped high waisted shorts (DIY cutoffs from Buffalo Exchange), Red Sandals (Rue 21)

These shorts are my favorite piece of summer. They are bold, flattering fit and the perfect statement piece for an outfit.

Outfit 104: Plaid button up (thrift), Black shorts (American Eagle), Jean sneakers (Goodwill- brand new), Brown leather braided belt (thrift), Turquoise chunky necklace (birthday gift)

I love rolling the sleeves of a long-sleeve button up and wearing them year around. You can leave the buttons undone or pair it with shorts

Outfit 103: Chambray sleeveless top (thrift), Yellow shorts (Kohl’s), Combat boots (Goodwill), Handkerchief tied in a bow (Goodwill) 

Toughen up your summer garb with combat boots, and a high pony and a bow from a handkerchief or scarf

Outfit 102: Striped button up (thrift), Coral corduroy pants (H&M)
Nude flats (Target), Gold chained necklace (thrift) 

Button up your blouse to the top button and place a chunky necklace under the collar for a sophisticated and funky look

Outfit 101: Biker tee (dad’s closet), Pleated tel skirt (borrowed from a friend), Creme blazer (Forever 21), Black pumps (2nd hand from a friend)

Attended a fashion promotion event for Latino Live Fashion Show tonight and decided to pair these pastel pieces with a biker tee to toughen the look

Outfit 100:
We are almost a 1/3 of the way done, can you believe it?! Creme Sweater (thrift), Jeans (H&M), Beaded sandals (sears)

It was a cold and rainy day in the desert today so I broke out my favorite sweater and a simple fishtail braid

Outfit 99: Maroon boyfriend blazer (thrift), Black tank (H&M), Creme skirt (PHX co-op <Forever 21>), Black Flats (Target)

An oversized blazer and A-line skirt work perfect for office wear and it’s easy to take off the blazer in the summer

Outfit 98: Purple tank (Ross), Skinny Jeans (H&M), White sandals (Charlotte Russe), Black lace bandeau (Last Chance)

An oversized flowy tanktop works perfectly with a lace bandeau underneath and cuffed skinny jeans. This is one of my go-to outfits and just keep it simple. Never overthink an outfit

Outfit 97: Teal boyfriend blazer (thrift), White pleated t-shirt (Ross), Yellow shorts (Pitaya), Nude Steve Madden wedges (Last Chance)

Don’t be afraid to color block as shown here in my complimentary colors or in Carly’s pink and blue outfit (always a good combo!)

Outfit 96: Yellow and Black heart sundress (Ros), Teal wedges (Target), Teal necklace (Friend’s closet)

Shout-out to my beautiful sorority sisters showing off the season’s favorites of printed sundresses and wedges

Outfit 95: Floral dress (PHX clothing swap), Teal sandals (Rue 21)

When you’re in a rush or it’s the summer heat making you dread getting ready for the day, toss on a flowy summer dress and some coordinating sandals

Outfit 94: Chambray sleeveless top (thrift), Pink shorts (DIY thrift), Beaded sandals (sears), Sunglasses (Ross)

I bought these shorts at a thrift shop and they were hideous 80’s shorts that went to my knees so I hemmed them up and used the extra fabric and made a belt

Outfit 93: White t-shirt (Ross), Black shorts (Forever 21), Yellow belt (Ross)
Nude flats (Target), Gold chain necklace (thrift) 

I always go for a pop of color in an accessory when I wear neutral colors

Outfit 92: black shorts (American Eagle), Shoes (Nike), Jersey (Team shop)

Today was opening day for the Arizona Diamondbacks and in honor of that I rocked that gear all day!

Outfit 91: Happy Easter! Black tank (H&M), Floral skirt (PHX clothing swap), Red sandals (Rue 21), Red hair tie (thrifted bow tie)

I love this bubble water color and floral skirt because it transitions nicely from work to play and can spruce up any summer outfit

Outfit 90: Black crop top (thrift), Acid wash jean skirt (PacSun)
Black flats (Target), Turquoise chunky necklace (birthday gift) 

Although I’m incredibly anti jean skirt- this is a nice alternative, it is high-waisted, zips up in the back and is a fun and comfy piece for going out or going to class

Outfit 89: Mustard yellow sundress (Forever 21), Black blazer (Ross), Black pumps (2nd hand from a friend), Oversized green clutch (thrift), Black lace headband (Claire’s)

Tonight was MIM Rocks Fashion runway show. I met some great bloggers so make sure to check out their sites!

Ashley Cooper DesignsSophistifunk and Classic and Bubbly 

Outfit 88: Nautical striped tee (thrift), jean shorts (thrift), yellow sandals (Ross)

Blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combos especially with a nautical twist

Outfit 87: Fashion printed top (Ross), Black maxi skirt (DIY thirft- orginally 2xl and sewn and hemmed to fit), Black gladiator sandals (Famous Footwear), Yellow headband (DIY from a t-shirt)

You can overlap a slouchy tee with a solid maxi, paired with a headband for the perfect boho-chic look

Outfit 86: gray v-neck (2nd hand from a friend), Red shorts (Forever 21), Converse (Last Chance)

Today was a comfy day and help make a “tom-boyish” outfit a little dressed up with stacked necklaces and arm candy

Outfit 85: B&W striped leotard (Forever 21), Black blazer (Ross), Yellow chevron skirt (PacSun- clearance for $3), Black flats (Target)

It’s ok to mix two patterns (stripes and chevron) when one is simple or the same color such as in the yellow skirt

Outfit 84: Black blazer (JCP), Gray tank (Forever 21), Blue shorts (Forever 21), Black flats (Target), Printed head scarf (Thrift)

Dress down a blazer this season with a pair of shorts and a head scarf

Outfit 83: Bedazzled black leotard (phx clothing swap), Black blazer (Ross)
Yellow shorts (Pitaya), Black gladiators sandals (Charlotte Russe)

Pair a funky bedazzled top with high waisted shorts and throw on a blazer for girl’s night out.

Outfit 82: Biker tee (My dad’s closet and cut it up), High waisted shorts (Thrift), Converse (Last Chance), Hot pink belt (Target)
bracelets (various) 

This might be one of my favorite outfits thus far. It’s a perfect casual weekend outfit for running or lounging around town

Outfit 81: Black lace blouse (Forever 21), Coral pencil skirt (JCP), Black flats (Target), Bow Belt (TJ Maxx)

I attended a marketing mixer today and it’s always better to wear one article of clothing with a pop of color in order to stand out and make a lasting impression

Outfit 80: Black dress (H&M- $15), Floral Scarf (Forever 21), Red Sandals (Rue 21)

I love scarfs (as I’m sure you can already tell) and don’t be afraid to pair them with a dark dress to transition the outfit from winter to spring

Outfit 79: Black tank (H&M), Green shorts (Kohls), Skull Scarf (street vendor in NYC), Combat boots (Goodwill), Michael Kor’s watch (NYC)

First day of Spring and I’m wearing black? I guess it’s in mourning that it’s officially short season in Arizona and it only gets hotter

Outfit 78: Chambray tank button up (Thrift), Blue pinstriped jeans (Amsterdam in NYC), White sandals (Charlotte Russe), Flower (H&M), Sunglasses (Big Lots- $5)

I personally never spend over $10 on sunglasses. I’m the type of person who just tosses them in my bag or lose them regularly and have found that H&M, Ross, and Big Lots (surprising I know) sometimes have the best and cheapest sunglasses

Outfit 77: Watercolor splashed black dress (Forever 21), Black blazer (Ross- suit), Black and Brown sandals (Last Chance)

I kept jewelry to a minimum (watch and cross necklace) with this outfit since the dress’ pattern is busy and there’s black on black. Find a dress that cinches at the waist and ruffles at the bottom for the most slimming effect.

Outfit 76: Gray tank (Forever 21), High waisted jean shorts (Thrift: DIY cut-off), Black belt (JCP), Red sandals (Rue 21), Floral Scarf (Forever 21)

It’s a bit of an adjustment from NYC’s 40 degree weather to AZ’s 90 degree but it’s finally starting to fee like spring and I jump-started this season with bright floral prints and cut offs

Outfit 75: Black peplum dress (Forever 21), Navy sequin blazer (Forever 21), Black pumps (2nd hand from a friend)

We saw Chicago on Broadway and it was amazing! If you haven’t tried out a funky blazer- it’s a must try for the season- from bright colors and material, it can dress up any plain LBD

Outfit 74: Black and white striped leotard (Forever 21- only $10!), Black Blazer (JCP), Blue shorts (Forever 21), Combat boots, Tights (roommate’s), sideways cross necklace (Street vendor in Soho)

Maybe it was a little too cold for shorts but we survived the weather as we ventured out to a fun jazz bar in Soho

Outfit 73: creme sweater (Thrift), Blue pinstriped jeans (Amsterdam boutique- SoHo/NYC), Skull Scarf (street vendor in SoHo), combat boots

Wednesday we visited the World Trade Center memorial and shopped- don’t be afraid to mix prints when one is a neutral color (ie: scarf)

Outfit 72: Black and white striped button up (Thrift), Gold chain necklace (Thrift), Blue trousers (Thrift), Black Blazer (JCP), Black flats (Target)

Today I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Vice President of Teen Vogue- needless to say, I had to leave a memorable outfit impression

Outfit 71: Chambray button up (thrift), Creme sweater (Thrift), Floral Scarf (Forever 21- new purchase!), Red Jeans (Ross), Motorcycle boots (Journey’s)

I love pairing jean button ups under a sweater for a warm yet fashionable outfit

Outfit 70: Peacoat (my older sister’s closet), pink sweater (Thrift)
Jeans (h&m), Combat boots (Goodwill), Turquoise necklace (16th birthday present), black beanie (Thrift)

We walked around the city today and boy was it colder than Arizona!

Outfit 69: Teal Cardigan (Thrift), Aztec infinity scarf (Last Chance), Black Skinny Jeans (Dickies- DIY), Combat boots (Goodwill)

You can never judge the weather from the airport to the plane to your destination- it’s better to wear layers than be freezing. Today I began my journey to New York City for my Spring Break!!!

Outfit 68: This weekend I worked the World Baseball Classic as my new job as a Rally-Back for the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.03.52 PM

Outfit 67:

Outfit 66: Creme Cardigan (Target), Black Tank (H&M), Jeans (H&M), TOMS (Last Chance), Turquoise cross necklace (Michael’s)

Outfit 65: Black peplum top (Forever 21), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Black gladiator sandals (Charlotte Russe), Hot pink studded bracelet (H&M), Betsey Johnson watch (Dillards)

Spontaneity- the one word to describe this night.
I had the pleasure of meeting some of the band members from Radical Something and if you haven’t heard of them- go check them out!

Outfit 64: black blazer (JC Penney), Blue trousers (Thrift), White blouse (Thrift-Swap Tempe), Black flats (Target)

I had a marketing presentation today- never be afraid to wow your audience with a pop of color but keep it classy and modest

Outfit 63: Mint green Chiffon dress (Ross), White Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Gold cuff bracelet (Charming Charlies)

Another 2 in 1 Monday Outfits- throw on a blazer & flats and this dress is great from school/office to chapter

Outfit 62: Black tee (thrift- DIY cut-outs), Shorts (Thrift- DIY cut-offs), Black combat boots (Goodwill)

Today I worked Swap Tempe and it called for a little touch of DIY and a whole lot of sass. I love my new cut-out cross tee!

Outfit 61: Blue and white striped shirt (Thrift), Jean shorts (Thrift), White sandals (Charlotte Russe), Pink turban headband (handmade: DIY turban headbands)

The weather is starting to warm up and I love wearing high waisted shorts and loose tee

Outfit 60: Black and tan polka dot dress (Last Chance), Baby Blue belt (Thrift)
Flats (Target)

This is a great business casual outfit in the spring and summer- it’s covered yet flowy and comfortable

Outfit 59: Black and brown striped sweater (Thrift), Teal scarf (Foot Fetish Boutique), Jeans (H&M), Gladiator sandals (Charlotte Russe)

Thursdays are my comfy day- end of the school week and the start of a weekend!

Outfit 58: Chambray button up (Walmart), Nautical striped top (Thrift), Red Skinny Jeans (Ross), White Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Necklace (Charlotte Russe)

It’s always the right occasion to celebrate America and wear red white and blue

Outfit 57: Gray Jeans (H&M), Yellow belt (Ross), Black flats (Target), White hair bow headband (Claire’s)

The Undergraduate Student Government today hosted an event for Black History Month and Common came and spoke to the student body. I had the amazing opportunity to meet him and talk with him.

Outfit 56: Striped chambray button up (Thrift), Green Velvet skinny jeans (Pac Sun), White sandals (Charlotte Russe)

I love mixing a casual fabric with a fancier ones for a good day mix.

Outfit 55: Light pink dress (Target), Black blazer (Thrift), Nudge Steve Madden wedges (Last Chance)

I’m sorry about the mirror picture but I didn’t realize I didn’t take another picture. A cocktail dress can be made more professional with an appropriate blazer and heel.

Outfit 54: Gray cardigan (Old Navy), Tribal print scarf (Last Chance), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Converse (Last Chance)

I went to six flags today and it called for warmth, comfort but a splash of style too

Outfit 53: Red body con dress (Goodwill- $9.99), Jeffrey Campbell Booties (borrowed them from my friend- Nordstrom), Gold cuff (thrift) 

Tonight was our crush party for my sorority- There’s no need to spend a fortune on a dress to feel like a million bucks. I hemmed up the dress but it was so worth it!

Outfit 52: Creme Sweater (Thrift), Black  Leggings (Walmart), Brown motorcycle boots (Journey’s), Caramel side purse (Target), Sunglasses (Ross)

I typically never ever wear leggings with an outfit but from running around to class to errands it was a perfect easy combo with tall boots and a loose sweater

Outfit 51: Red plaid button up (Thrift), Gray Cardigan (K-momo), Black Jeans (Dickies), Gray combat boots (Goodwill), Feather Necklace (local boutique), Turquoise cross (pendent is from Michael’s)

Rainy days always call for layers and I love pairing button ups and cardigans.

Outfit 50: Black peplum top (Forever 21), Mustard Skinny Jeans (Forever 21), Combat boots (Goodwill), Teal beaded bracelet (Foot Fetish Boutique)

We made it to 50 outfits ya’ll! 

Outfit 49: Blazer (J.C. Penney), Black Tank (H&M), Skinny Jeans (Levi’s)
Flats (Target), Black dress (H&M)

I held true to the post and made my Monday much easier by switching out my jeans and top for this chiffon dress from H&M. It was an easy switch from the office to my chapter meeting.

Outfit 48: Sheer button up (Charlotte Russe), Shorts (Pitaya), Combat Boots, Necklace (Rue 21), Watch (Betsey Johnson- Dillards)

This is an outfit from the photoshoot for The Greek Times and I just loved the combination so much that I had to incorporate it into this section. My favorite aspect of this is that the themes are so contrast- from tough combat boots and tribal prints to spring colors and a feminine blouse.

Outfit 47: Black blazer (J.C. Penney), Charcoal blouse (Buffalo Exchange- brand:H&M), Coral pencil skirt & belt (J.C. Penney), Black flats (Target)

Today I had an interview and was in need of some new fresh business attire. I ended up finding great quality pieces at J.C. Penney. At first I was skeptical but since their new CEO is really vamping up the company- their product is great and even affordable.

Outfit 46: Red blazer (thrift), Black chiffon dress (H&M), Nude Steve Madden wedges (Last Chance)

I blazer can really make a simple dress pop with a splash of sophistication and personality. Since I wore two dominant colors on top, I toned it down and elongated my body with nude wedges

* Also check out Kelly (middle) and Alex’s (right) awesome valentine day inspired style! Kelly rocked a printed summer dress and made it winter appropiate with black tights and Jeffrey Campbell booties. Alex also jazzed up a simple red dress with a white leather jacket (my closet- Ross) and tall leather motorcycle boots (Journeys)

Outfit 45: Sweater (thrift), Red skinny jeans (Ross), Cheetah flats (Foot Fetish Boutique), ‘Love’ Necklace (Target)

In spirit of Valentines I brought out the red jeans, red lips and nails.

Outfit 44: Leapord bandana (Michaels), Teal Sweater cardigan (thrift), Black crop top (thrift), Black skinny jeans (DIY), Sandals (Famous Footwear- Steve Madden)

The Grandma sweaters are back so instead of spending $50 on one in Urban- go raid your grandma’s closet or the nearest thrift shop

Outfit 43: beanie (thrift), Gray v-neck (hand-me-down), Jean Jacket (Kohls), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Gray boots (Goodwill), Brown braided leather belt (thrift)

I like to pretend I’m a hipster and rocked my new thrifted beanie today. My challenge for you is to try something you normally don’t- like a hat, bright color or the newest trend in Forever 21.

Outfit 42: Sweater (Thrift), Skinny Jeans (Century 21), Scarf (Last Chance), Motorcycle boots (Journeys)

I love mixing earth tones and tied it all together in this outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix earth tones and splash it up with a bright or print accessory like a scarf.

Outfit 41: Gray tank top (Forever 21), Blue polka-dot cardigan (Tuesday’s Morning), Skinny Jeans (Dickies), Flats (Goodwill), Silver watch (Ross), Sideways cross necklace (street boutique in NYC)

Sitting in work interviews all day call for comfortable clothes! Change it up from your go-to blazer and try a fun colored cardigan to brighten up your day

Outfit 40: Jean tank top button up (Thrift), Skinny jeans, Combat boots, Purple spike necklace (Charming Charlies), Gold Cuff (Thrift)

Today my sorority adventured to Octane Raceway for a social and apparently the dresscode was jean on jean with combat boots- all winners wear that right? Well thank you Miss Gabi Rodiles for bringing back the 90’s in styleDon’t be afraid to layer with jean! Mix it with a light sweater for a helpful season transition.P.S. Isn’t her hair AMAZING?! obsessed <3

Outfit 39: Teal sheer button-up (Charlotte Russe- borrowed from Ale Vidal), Blue floral scarf (Handmade), Skinny jeans, Twist sandals (Last Chance)
*Lipstick- Fuschia Fever (Maybelline)

I did a photoshoot with the wonderful Ale Vidal from Imaginale  and this was one of the outfits. Don’t be afraid to mix monochromatic colors and accent your look with a fun neon lip color.

Outfit 38: sweater (thrift), print shorts (Pitaya), combat boots (Goodwill), turquoise necklace (birthday gift), rose gold Betsey Johnson watch (Dillards)

Arizona is slightly bipolar- freezing in the morning and burning hot in the afternoon. But never fear- you’re allowed to rock that weatherly confused outfit but just be careful of the pieces you pair

Outfit 37: coral sweater (thrift), gray skinny jeans (H&M), black Steve Madden sandals (Famous Footwear), turquoise necklace (Rue 21)

Coral and turquoise might possibly be my favorite combination. It’s very complimentary of all skin tones and brighten up any outfit.

Outfit 36: creme sweater (thrift), black skinnies (DIY), red sandals (Rue 21), turquoise cross (jewel is from Michael’s), Red beaded necklace (Pac Sun), Silver watch (Ross)

The weather is changing and I can officially wear sandals! I like it.
Make an simply neutral outfit ‘pop’ with bright aztec jewelry

Outfit 35:mBlack and white striped button up (Thrift), Burnt gold skinny jeans (Century 21), Red skinny belt (Thrift), Black flats (Goodwill), Black blazer (Thrift)

Mondays are work days- between office hours, meetings and sorority chapter I always try to dress up. Today I kept it fun with the stripes and a belt that complimented the jeans. Don’t be afraid to mix colors in the same color family.

Outfit 34: Baby Blue pull over sweater (Thrift), Skinny Jeans, Combat boots, Navy Blue beanie (Thrift- 25 cents)

Rainy Sundays call for comfy sweaters and beanies. Find a beanie that compliments your hair color and skin tone- that way it will brighten your face and show your personal spunk. My favorite is the teal from Outfit 33.

Outfit 33: Teal beanie (Thrift- 85 cents!), Sigma Kappa half-zip, Skinny Jeans , Combat Boots

Now I understand this is not the most fashion forward outfit but I was attending a sisterhood retreat for my sorority and this is all I wore on Saturday. It was so much fun!

Now I really want to talk about those beanies- oversized slouchy beanies are my winter fav! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. Pick up some yard and crochet one or find one from a thrift store!

Outfit 32: Striped Chambray Button up (Thrift), Black Tank (H&M), Green Velvet skinny jeans (Pac Sun- bullhead), Black combat boots

I traveled up north today to my hometown Prescott to visit my parents. It was perfect weather- overcast but still warm enough to not wear a jacket. My newest obsession are these velvet pants; they just give a whole new meaning to colored skinny jeans

Outfit 31: Gray Blazer (Buffalo Exchange), Blue Polka-dot blouse (Uniqlo in NYC), Black dress pants (Thrift- Max Azria), Black Flats (Goodwill- American Eagle), Pink Belt (Thrift)

Today I attended a Career Fair and put my best face forward with this little number. Don’t be afraid to show a little of your personal style but always remember to be modest and professional

Outfit 30: Nautical striped tee (thrift), Skinny Jeans (Levis), Black Toms (Last Chance), Black flower necklace (Last Chance), Black stone ring (street vendor)

Inspired from the Wearable Wednesdays: Rainy day post today, I rocked the nautical tee and threw on my favorite black necklace to give it an edge.

Outfit 29: Maroon Blazer (thrift), Scarf (Last Chance), Creme Tank (H&M), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Turquoise ring (H&M), Betsey Johnson Watch (Dillards)

First off.. let’s check out those SHOULDER-PADS! Indeed this blazer was straight from the 80’s and embrace it or hate but they’re back and in full action. Don’t be afraid to test them out; they slim your body and give you a crisp sharp look. Also try out a scarf with your blazer! If in the office, keep the print basic!

Outfit 28: Green blazer (thrift), Black tank , Jeans, Flats (Goodwill- from American Eagle), Necklace (Rue 21)

Not sure how to exactly dress for the office? Never hurts to throw on a blazer when you’re not sure of the dresscode. Dressing up shows people that you care and you demand respect. Blazers do wonders and are a girl’s best friend in the office

Outfit 27: Gray sweater (Thrift), Black cami (Ross), Turquoise scarf (Foot Fetish Boutique), Gray skinny jeans (H&M), gray combat boots

Spice up any monochromatic outfit with your favorite scarf; my choice is turquoise

Outfit 26: Gray Cardigan (Old Navy), Black tank (H&M), Red skinny jeans (Ross), Gray combat boots (Goodwill), Paisley Scarf (Goodwill), Red Lipstick (Walmart)

Rainy Saturday Afternoons are well spent with friends, comfy winter clothes in a cute coffee shop in downtown Phoenix. I finally adventured over to LUX coffee and fell in love. The entire shop was filled with laptops, mochas and cool music. Definitely check out a place like this when studying.

Outfit 25: creme tank (H&M), Green Blazer (thrift), Black pencil skirt (Pitaya), Heels (Ross), Necklace (Last Chance)

Today I attended a job fair and spoke with a rep from an Ann Taylor Store (so amazing!!!) When making first impressions with companies tone it down; wear neutrals and suits but also show your individual style. She was able to give great insight on wardrobe for interviews and how to present yourself!

Outfit 24: Light Pink sheer blouse (H&M $7), Skinny Jeans, Brown motorcycle boots (Journeys), Floral Infinity Scarf (Last Chance), Betsey Johnson watch (Dillards), Navy oversized clutch (thrift- 25 cents)

Today was a complete change from the nice sunny day yesterday- it was cloudy and raining! I snuggled up in my favorite scarf and boots and trucked around campus  to class. When unsure of weather wear a sheer top, it will be cool enough but also cover your bare arms

Outfit 23: Chambray tank (thrift), Gray jeans (H&M- $9.99!), Red sandals (Rue 21), Black leather bracelets, red braided bracelet 

Today was in the 80’s! Goodbye winter and hello spring! I was able to rock my new tank and jeans and was so excited! This whole outfit was until $20

Outfit 22: nautical striped shirt (thrift), Coral cords (H&M- on sale for $10!!!), Navy Sperry’s (Last Chance), Gray Cardigan (K-momo), Gold Chain Necklace (Thrift)

Originally this morning I was wearing a cute white sweater but someone in the dining hall dropped a bottle of hot sauce and it splattered ALL OVER ME! Luckily my new cords were safe… not so much my dignity or sweater. But on the bright side, my good friend inspired this outfit! On our girl’s night out the other night she rocked her new mint cords, flats and a navy stripped shirt and I loved it so much! Thanks Lauren Hewitt xoxo

Outfit 21: black long sleeve (Target), Brown leather Jacket (Ross), Jeans (Levi), Cheetah Flats (Foot Fetish Boutique), 2 gold chain necklaces (my older sister’s closet)

Not feeling like getting extremely done up or trendy? Slick on some bright red lipstick, rock the sock bun and some killer flats and you will still feel comfy but look like you took a lot of time planning your outfit when it actually only took you 3 minutes. TA-DA!

Outfit 20: creme tank (H&M), black skinnies, black TOMS, Scarf (Last Chance), beanie (hand-me-down from my sister’s toddlers outifts!)

Sunday’s are comfy homework days for me. So grab some close friends, get coffee and have a homework hay-day.

Outfit 19: Coral buttton up (Pitaya boutique), Skinny JeansBooties (Steve Madden), Clutch (Thrift)

This is a perfect outfit for a night on the town. The booties are comfortable to walk in, the shirt is dressy enough but overall you will be comfy and cute at the same time!Shout-out to my sorority sister Stephanie- we accidentally wore relatively the same outfit!

Outfit 18: We had a ‘bid night’ social with a fraternity on campus and the theme was Childhood Cartoons. A group of girls and myself were the cast of Toy Story. Here my “Mrs.” and myself made our costumes for Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

2xl Hanes tshirt (walmart- 4 pack)Felt (Michael’s – 29 cents/sheet)Top hat (Michael’s)

Outfit 17: black and white heart tank top (Rue 21), Gray Cardigan (K-momo), Pink Belt (Target), pearl bracelets (Charlotte Russe), Turban Headband (Handmade)

Accent with neon colors! I matched my belt with a turban headband I made out of an old pair of tights. It gives your neutral outfit a HUGE pop!

Outfit 16: Black long sleeve (Target), Nude Cardigan Shawl (Target), Skinny Jeans (Century 21), Turquoise Necklace (birthday gift) 

This necklace is most definitely my favorite accessory. I got it on my 16th birthday and through the years I have lengthen it and have received so many compliments on it.Pick a statement piece that really describes you and when people see it, they KNOW it’s YOU! Mine is turquoise, what’s yours?

Outfit 15: Gray Cardigan (Old Navy), Floral tank (Ross), Skinny Jeans (Levi), Black Minnetonka moccasins (Last Chance), Leather Bracelets

Re-use your tank tops from summer and pair it with a scarf and cardigan for winterp.s. sorry for the bad quality photo.. Iphone probs

Outfit 14: Black long sleeve (Target), Jean Vest (thrift- Banana Republic), Scarf (Goodwill), Green cords (Pac Sun), Toms (Last Chance), leather bracelet (Last Chance)

Although some might hate on the jean vest, I have slowly grown to love the retro look! Today was quite chilly and the layering with a best and scarf will keep you nice and toasty.

Outfit 13: Blue and White Striped tee ( can’t remember but I think it’s thrift), Skinny Jeans (Levi’s), Scarf (Old Navy), Toms (Last Chance), Watch (Last Chance)

Sorry folks, we have to leave the pretty snow scenery and go back to the dorm room door. Maybe one day I’ll hire someone and not use my tripod as a photographer…

Outfit 12: Flannel (Costco), Skinny Jeans, Jean shirt (My friend’s closet)

Outfit 11: Creme chunky sweater (thrift), Skinny jeans, Military green jacket (Old Navy), Multi-colored scarf (Last Chance), Brown motorcycle boots (Journeys)

Outfit 10: striped chambray button up (thrift), red skinny jeans (Ross), converse (Last Chance), gold and blue stone bracelet (Charming Charlie)

Loose button ups with colored skinny jeans made a huge appearance in 2012 and hopefully they stick around during 2013!

Meet my friend Rachel (aka Sasha Fierce). Jean shirts were a hit on the 10th!chambray top (same thrift shop where mine is from), black top (H&M), cheetah jeans (Forever 21), Purple loafers (Target), Backpack (H&M)

Outfit 9: chambray button up (Walmart- random find a couple years ago), black skinnies,  Multi printed scarf (Bongo), Converse (Last Chance), Gold and black stone cuff (Charming Charlies), black leather bracelet

This is a perfect class outfit, it’s comfy and isn’t too cold or hot for those bipolar room temps!

Outfit 8: light pink sheer high to low button up with black dots and cirlces (ross), Jean Jacket (Kohls), skinny jeans, black combat boots, Rose gold Betsey Johnson watch (Dillards)

Today was my first day of classes for spring semester!

You know you’re dressed right when your sorority sister walks into your same class wearing practically the same outfit! Cheers to sheer pink button ups! Classy and cute! Grace’s top is from Charlotte Russe!

Outfit 7: black sheer button up (H&M), Creme blazer (Charlotte Russe), Green velvet skinny jeans (Bullhead from Pac Sun- originally $50, on sale for $14!!), Cheetah Flats (Foot Fetish Boutique- Prescott, AZ), Gold Cuff (thrift), Green pendant (my mom’s closet)

Tonight was the first chapter meeting of the semester for my sorority. I was excited to be back with all my sisters but even more excited to show off these awesome new skinnies! They are so festive and work for business casual.

Outfit 6: gold camisole (Kohls), White sweater (thrift), Jeans (thrift- American Eagle), Converse (Last Chance)

Today is game day! I’m rocking the athletic look with a little gold to support the Sundevils

Outfit 5: Carmel and Black striped button up (Ross), Skinny Jeans (H&M), Black combat boots, turquoise earrings (Target), Watch (Fossil)

This was a laid back date night outfit. It was dressy enough but still comfy and not over the top

Outfit 4: Gray cardigan (thrift), Black cami (Walmart), Skinny Jeans (Abercrombie&Fitch), Black combat boots (Goodwill), scarf (handmade)

My signature look if I’m feeling lazy/woke up late is a cardigan and scarf. It takes very minimal time and effort but still looks like you tried.

Outfit 3: Checkered flannel (Costco), Gray ribbed tank (Forever 21), Black skinny jeans (Dickies work pants for a previous job that I made skinny jeans- DIY), Black TOMS (Last Chance- $12!), Red Betsey Johnson (Last Chance- $5!!)

An un-buttoned flannel has a very relaxed looked (plus slims and covers your waist)

Outfit 2: Infinity scarf (handmade- fabric: Walmart), Gray Cardigan (k-momo), White ribbed tank (Target), Dark skinny jeans (H&M), Gray combat boots (Goodwill), Sigma Kappa watch (B-day gift!), Silver Bracelet (Wet Seal)

Wear a statement infinity to brighten up any outfit! I made this one with silk fabric I bought at Walmart for $1.39/yd.

Outfit 1: Chunky creme sweater (thrift), Mustard ‘7 for all mankind’ skinny jeans (Century 21 in NYC), Black combat boots (Goodwill)

Don’t be afraid to wear bold skinny jeans! Tone them down


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