12 DAYS OF SAKMAS: 15 Style Tips I’ve Learned in 25 years

Yesterday I turned 25 and I’m pretty excited for this new year of adventure. In the past couple of years I feel like I finally found my personal style, what works for me and have picked up a few styling tips along the way.

  1. More is More – I have never been a minimalist, and sometimes the extra layer, accessory or statement can really make the outfit.
  2. Follow Your Gut – I have learned to stop asking feedback on every outfit or piece I’m looking at buying and started following my gut.
  3. It’s Okay to Buy Into Trends – I am always a little weary to buy trends, but it’s also okay to follow them if you like them. I suggest buying the trends at fast fashion stores though so you don’t invest a lot of money in a short-lived trend.
  4. Invest in Certain Pieces – The older I’m getting, I’m starting to invest in better quality pieces, such as staple items, jeans, coats and shoes. It definitely makes a difference and I’m able to keep pieces longer.
  5. Take Care of Your Clothes – Now that I’m investing in better quality pieces, I also am taking the time to take care of my pieces.
  6. Brown and Black are Friends – Don’t listen to old fashion rules, you can mix brown and black!
  7. Wear White After Labor Day – You can definitely wear white year-around – it’s a classic neutral and addition to your closet.
  8. Find Your Go-To Pieces – Figure out what your go-to pieces are. Mine are leather jackets, graphic tees and high-waisted jeans.
  9. Sometimes, Your Impulses Can Be Right – Some of my favorite purchases have all been impulse buys.
  10. Monochromatic Is Chic – Being matchy matchy is not a bad thing. A monochromatic look can be super cohesive and chic.
  11. Show Skin Strategically –  I’m not a person to show a lot of skin, but strategically is even sexier. From a slit, some cut-outs and cleavage—a little skin can step up any look.
  12. Buy Your Size – For a long time I wouldn’t buy my size – I would size up for comfort, thrift clothes that were too big, or keep jeans that were small because “just in case I lost weight”. Once I started taking time to get things tailored or not keeping items that didn’t fit, I felt better about my clothes.
  13. Mix Prints – Mixing prints is my favorite way to switch up things. It can pull together a look in an unexpected way.
  14. Embrace Your Curves – Learning to embrace my curves took a long time, but once I did, I was way more confident and figured out which types of clothing worked best for me.
  15. Keep Your Vintage – Fashion is cyclical and I make sure to keep my vintage pieces in good condition. I also look for decade trend pieces (sequin, blazers, dresses, etc.) because I love owning the vintage version versus a fast fashion knock-off.

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  1. December 29, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    That coat is EVERYTHING!!! Love these learnings too. I learned that black and brown are most definitely friends and not sure why I ever thought otherwise lol

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