Winter 2020 Trend Report: Beauty

Classic beauty trends like red lips, romantic waves and creamy nails made their traditional appearance on the runway for Winter 2020 shows, but we were most excited about the modern, statement worthy trends with loud splashes of color, big hair and embellished nails. Ahead are eight beauty trends that are making waves this season!

Splashes of Makeup

It’s time to color outside the lines this season. When applying eye makeup, don’t be worried about keeping it precise — the more abstract, the better for winter 2020.

Pink & Purple Eyeshadow

These traditional spring colors are taking over the winter 2020 beauty scene. It’s time to throw your classic nudes and browns to the back because these feminine eyeshadows are ruling the season.

Glossy Lids

In seasons past, we saw that the “no makeup, makeup” became a crowd favorite. Makeup artists took this trend a step further with a dewy eye. Glossy lids are the easiest makeup trend to follow for winter 2020.

Lined Crease

What goes around comes around. Right? This winter 2020 takes a page out of Twiggy’s book and go for a mod eye look. This trend is a sure way to make a retro statement.

Bleached Brows

Statement brows have always been a favorite, and this season showed no shortage of bleached brows. For long-lasting bleached brows head to a beauty salon and for something more temporary, use white or nude eyeshadow and face makeup on your brows.

High Ponies

Move over low ponies; it’s time to pump up the volume. This year’s runways were filled with high pony galore. Try a traditional high pony or pig-tail style.

Twisted Buns

Twisted buns are no-doubt the simplest hair trend of winter 2020. This look is easily achievable in ten minutes or less. Start with a low pony and just twist, pin and head out the door.

Crimped Hair

Pull out that old crimper because crimped hair is here for the season. Small, medium and large crimps are all welcome to the party and we’re on the bandwagon of this retro, perfectly undone style.

Creamy Nails

This winter 2020, some designers opted to keep things natural for the runways. These creamy nails will carry over for many seasons to come.

3D Embellishment

This season 3D embellishment made its debut. This is the nail trend for the maximalist. It seems that anything and everything can be added to your nail this season from pearls, flowers, butterflies and metallic embellishments.


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