Why Linen Is Your Best Friend This Summer

Linen is the most coveted fabric during the summer months. It’s light, there’s a piece for everyone, and it’s the only thing comfortable to wear when the temperature hits 85+. Also, linen is easily accessible and affordable, but it also looks incredibly chic for whatever summer plans you have. Follow below to discover why linen will be your best friend this summer.

It’s lightweight.

Lightweight linen is perfect because you feel like you’re not wearing anything. The fibers are spun into a thin yarn and then woven to make clothes and other linen products! Some linen types are heavier, so watch out for that when going on the hunt for the perfect linen piece. In our book, the lighter, the better for the summer!

It’s durable.

Linen is the most durable plant fiber. It’s durability increases when wet, and it is said to be approximately 30% stronger than cotton. Be sure not to wear your linen pieces every day because the fibers will weaken when exposed to too much sun. If you take care of your linen clothing, it’s sure to last you a long time!

It’s highly absorbent.

It’s crazy to know the science behind what makes this fiber so absorbent. Since linen is plant-based, it is hygroscopic, which means it can easily absorb moisture. Linen can absorb about 20% of its weight in moisture while maintaining a dry feel to the touch. Say goodbye to sweat stains and hello to linen.

It’s breathable.

Linen’s breathability makes it feel soft against your skin and makes it the perfect fabric for summer. The more you wear linen, the softer it will be, which will help keep you cool and feeling breezy. The way linen is woven helps keep the body fresh.

It’s Cute

Besides the functionality of linen, it’s so cute! Linen gives you an effortless look for summer, and you’ll be wanting to wear a linen dress, jumpsuit, or blazer throughout the entirety of summer.




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