Top Places for Petites to Shop

Are midi skirts more like floor-length skirts? Are you always getting pants and dresses hemmed? And most importantly, do your friends use your head/shoulder as an armrest? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be petite.

‘Petite’ in clothing and fashion is considered anyone 5’4 and below. As a 5’0 woman (5’1 on a good day), I know how hard it is to find clothes that fit well without being altered. What’s even more frustrating is that what we see in the Petite’s section is usually not as fashion-forward or trendy as the Regular category.

To save you the time, I did the research. Follow below for the top places for Petites to shop.


The biggest issue that Petites have are with dresses and skirts. Nothing is worse than splurging on these items for a nice occasion, then spending more money to get it hemmed. Why should you have to buy ready-to-wear (RTW) items that aren’t RTW until you alter them? You shouldn’t!

That’s why Reformation is a great place to buy dresses and skirts so you can wear them as soon as you’d like! This store does have a higher price point, but it’s worth it by not having to get items altered.

Reformation has fabulous quality options for Petites, and their clothes are trendy with silky fabrics, summer florals, and other standout trends.


Another setback Petite women face is finding appropriate and well-fitting clothes for work. Workwear already isn’t the most flattering clothing in the world, when it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s even worse.

Express is the best answer for all these workwear woes! Complete with an entire section dedicated to petites, Express has everything from blazers to dress pants to give you a top-bottom look that fits well, looks great, and most importantly, makes you feel confident! Everything at Express is pretty neutral, which makes it a great place to shop for business staples, making it easy to pair with pieces you already own, or easy to buy whole outfits on their site/in-store!


Like Express, Topshop is a great place to buy office attire, especially if you’re looking for a gorgeous matching suit. The UK-based store is terrific at providing on-trend pieces that are perfect for the office. Complete with blazers and matching trousers, Topshop has everything Petites need to rock a power suit. Plus, they have amazing tops, pants, and jackets that could easily go from work to a happy hour meeting with your girls.

However, unlike Express, Topshop seems to always be having sales, and their pieces are more affordable, which is great if your shopping spree has a limit to it. And if you’re also looking for an outfit to celebrate getting the job you’re shopping for, don’t go to another site, because Topshop has great going out pieces, as well as casual outfit pieces like jeans and bodysuits.


As the name suggests, Madewell is, made well. From shoes to dresses, accessories, and tops, there’s nothing but high-quality products. For Petites, Madewell is the perfect place to find jeans, which can be hard to find.

Due to its notoriety as a quality-focused company, the price is reflected in its products. Their jeans range anywhere from $30 (on sale) to $135, but an investment in a pair of Madewell jeans is well worth it. They have all styles of jeans in their petite section, from skinny to flare, low-waisted to high-waisted, and ripped to sleek.


For all Petites with every style aesthetic, ASOS has something for you.

They have great options for everyday staples and even statement pieces in every garment type! If you’re still unsure if the ‘Petite’ selection will fit you or how it will sit on you, they have a Fit Guide that asks you your exact height, weight, and even asking you what size you wear to see what size you’d be.




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