The Summer Hats You Need to Become a ‘Crazy Hat Lady’

You’ve heard of a crazy cat lady, but have you heard of the crazy hat lady? You probably haven’t heard the term, but you know someone (or maybe it’s yourself) who owns one too many hats. I think there is no such thing as too many in my experience as a crazy hat lady.

Why am I so crazy about hats? Well, for starters, they’re a great addition to any outfit. A hat can give your look a whole new silhouette and add dimensions to your outfit. Plus, it’s great for keeping your face protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is why hats are usually a summer go-to.

I’ve heard people say that hats don’t look good on them, that they don’t have the right face/head shape for them, etc., but I believe it’s because they’re looking at the wrong types. And yes, there are many different kinds! Before I majored in fashion, I thought there was the baseball cap and fedora, and that was about it, but I was wrong. There are so many different styles of hats that there is one that fits your style, aesthetic, and head. So what are they?

The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is the most well-known hat because we see it everywhere with our favorite team’s logo, brand, or phrase. This hat is mainly characteristic of the athleisure and street style categories of fashion.

To style this hat, find your comfiest joggers or sweats, and pair with a sports bra or bra top. Add in a lightweight windbreaker over it, or if it’s too hot, tie it around your shoulders or waist for an extra sporty-chic silhouette. Top it off with chunky jewelry such as chainlink necklaces and hoops, and your favorite chunky sneakers. Now you’re ready to go (literally) run some errands!

The Bucket Hat

Until recently, this type of hat was only seen on avid hikers or children on the playground. But now, this hat silhouette has made a huge comeback, especially in the streetwear category.

Streetwear is noted by baggy, asymmetric, and color-blocking techniques found within the clothes, and the bucket hat fits in perfectly. Style your bucket hat in this styling by finding darker colored pieces with brand names, logos, or phrases on them.

However, with this hat coming back into style at full force, there are now bucket hats that fit all kinds of aesthetics. For example, the ‘soft’ look. Bucket hats that fit this style are the fuzzy mohair, frilly lacy, and pastel-colored ones.

The Boater Hat

As the name suggests, this hat was initially worn to boating and sailing events. The wide brim kept the sun out of your face, and the straw or rattan material was great for keeping your head cool in the summer months. Now, it’s a staple to any summer-chic look, complete with your mom’s pearls to match.

So, what qualifies as a summer-chic look fit for a boater hat? I follow the three F’s: floral, frilly, and flowy. This means wearing dresses, skirts, or pleated shorts. This styling helps give the boyish boater hat an ultra-feminine look. I would pair this type of hat with dainty jewelry, sandals, and a cute clutch to match! Wear this look to any brunch, outside outing, or family function this summer.

The Oversized Sun Hat

This trend is my favorite summer hat; it’s so high-fashion! These hats are incredibly oversized to the point where it’s swallowing your head, and that’s okay. Most of the time, these hats are used for photo-ops, or because we all love being a little extra sometimes. However, if you want to wear these to your next trip to the beach, I highly recommend it, as they’re also great for blocking the sun and creating privacy.

To style these beach-worthy pieces, go for a minimalist swimsuit. Think one-pieces, solid two-pieces, or a sheer cover-up. This makes the focal point of your fit the hat! Then add some flat strappy sandals and chunky bracelets and earrings, so your entire outfit isn’t drowned out by your all-encompassing headwear.

The Visor

Just like the bucket hat, this half-cap has made a recent comeback, and I’m here for it. The best part about this recent resurgence has been the many different types of visors we’ve seen everywhere, from sporty to perspex, wicker, and velvet ones. You may be thinking that visors look a tad dorky, and you’re probably right to an extent, but it’s all about how you style it.

Wicker is the go-to for beach visor! They’re the perfect accessory for ocean-side reads without the hassle of a full hat always in your face. The best part about these kinds of visors is that I’ve seen a ton that can be rolled up and quickly put in your beach bag. If you’re going for a “just-for-looks” vibe, I recommend one of the colored see-through visors. They usually don’t offer much sun blockage, but they’re great for festivals, or pool parties where staying out of the sun isn’t of much concern.




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